Can a blocked member still see my profile on Zoosk?


Can a blocked member still see my profile on Zoosk? will be glad to hear your thoughts

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  1. Yes, if you block a user, they won’t be able access your profile anymore. But don’t worry because they won’t actually be able to view your profile. They just won’t be allowed to search for you.

    If you want to keep them away from your profile, you can simply change your privacy settings. In order to do that, click on your name at the top right corner, and select Privacy Settings. From there, you can turn off Who Viewed Your Profile, Block Users, and Allow Friends To See My Profile.

    You can also set up email alerts so you always know when one of your friends views your profile.

    Is this possible?

    Blocked members cannot view your profile on Zoosk. However, they may be able to find out who you are through other means. They may ask others about you, search online for information about you, or use other methods to learn more about you.

    If you’re concerned about privacy, consider creating a fake account instead of blocking them. This allows you to keep your real identity private, while giving you the opportunity to interact with the person anonymously.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    Blocked members cannot view your profile on This happens when you block another member who is viewing your profile. Blocking someone prevents them from seeing your profile and any messages you send or receive.

    However, if you’re not blocking anyone, you may be able to find out why your profile isn’t visible. Click on the ‘View Profile’ link next to ‘Who Can View My Profile?’

    If there are no errors listed, you should be able to view your profile.

    Do you think it’s fair that someone can block me without any explanation?

    Blocking members is a common practice on dating sites like Zoosk. But blocking members without providing any explanation is unfair.

    If you’re not familiar with blocking members, here’s how it works.

    When you join a site like Zoosk, you create a profile. Your profile includes information about yourself, including your age, gender, location, interests, and photos.

    Then, when another user sees your profile, he or she can either accept or reject your request to connect. Accepting means that the two users will be able to communicate privately via email or chat. Rejecting means that the two won’t be able to communicate at all.

    Accepting a request is usually free, but rejecting a request costs you some points. The number of points you lose depends on the type of site you’re on. On most sites, you lose 1 point per day. So if you’ve been rejected once, you may lose 2 points. And if you’ve been rejected twice, you may lose 4 points.

    On Zoosk, however, you only lose points if you reject a request. So if you accept a request, you’ll never lose points.

    But there’s a catch. Blocked members cannot view your profile. They can only see your name, photo, and bio.

    That’s why it’s important to keep your profile clean and professional. Don’t include personal details, especially ones that reveal too much about yourself.

    And remember, if you’re going to use Zoosk, you should consider joining our community. We offer a lot of benefits, including exclusive deals and discounts. Plus, we provide regular tips and tricks to help you succeed.