Can a foreigner marry a Vietnamese?


Can a foreigner marry a Vietnamese? Can you help me with this

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  1. Yes, foreigners can legally marry Vietnamese citizens.

    There are several reasons why marriage between foreign nationals and Vietnamese citizens is allowed under Vietnamese law.

    First, Vietnam is a member of ASEAN which has a common legal framework among its members. Second, Vietnam is one of the few countries in Asia that recognizes civil unions. Third, Vietnam is a signatory to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which guarantees equal rights regardless of citizenship status. Fourth, Vietnam is a member state of the United Nations and thus bound by international treaties. Lastly, Vietnam is a country governed by democratic principles.

    So, yes, foreigners can legally marry a Vietnamese citizen.

    Marriage Types

    There are many different types of marriage in Vietnam. The most common type is called “Cao Dai” (pronounced kow dai). Cao Dai is a religion based on the teachings of a French monk named Pheung Duc Tay who was born in 1845. He founded his own church in 1886 and became known as the “Buddha of the West.” Cao Dai followers believe that God created man and woman at the same time, and that there are two separate sexes. They believe that women should be obedient and faithful wives, and men should be strong leaders.

    Another popular form of marriage in Vietnam is called “Tay Son.” This is a traditional Chinese style of marriage where the bride and groom live together until death does them part. After this, the husband inherits everything and the wife becomes a concubine.

    Other forms of marriage include “Hoa Hao” (pronounced hoh ah) and “Nam Giao.” Hoa Hao means “love marriage” and Nam Giao means “business marriage.” These marriages are arranged by parents or older relatives.

    Foreigner Marries Vietnamese Woman

    If you’re looking to find out whether foreigners can legally marry Vietnamese women, here’s some information you need to know.

    First, there are no laws against foreign men marrying Vietnamese women. However, there are restrictions on where these marriages may take place. Foreigners must be married in Vietnam at least six months prior to applying for citizenship. They cannot apply for citizenship until after three years of marriage.

    Second, foreigners who wish to marry Vietnamese women must obtain permission from the Ministry of Justice. This includes obtaining approval from the Immigration Department, the National Police, and the Ministry of Public Security. The application process takes several weeks and requires multiple documents.

    Third, once approved, the couple must wait another two years before applying for permanent residency. After this period, the couple may apply for citizenship.

    Finally, the couple must live together for five years before applying for citizenship. During this time, the couple must prove that they intend to stay permanently in Vietnam.

    Marriage Contract

    Vietnam is a country where marriage is not only legal but expected. The government requires couples to sign a contract called “marriage contract.” This document outlines the responsibilities of each party, including financial obligations, property rights, and child custody.

    If you’re planning to marry a Vietnamese person, be aware that this contract is legally binding. So if you break any term of the contract, you may face serious consequences.

    There are two types of marriage contracts: civil and religious. Civil marriages take place at a local district court, whereas religious weddings occur at a church.

    Civil marriages require a minimum age of 18 years and must be performed within 30 days after signing the contract. Religious weddings require a minimum age of 20 years and must be performed no later than 60 days after signing the contract, unless there’s a valid reason for waiting longer.

    Religious ceremonies are held at a temple, church, mosque, or synagogue. They usually last several hours and include prayers, blessings, readings from holy books, vows, and wedding songs.

    After the ceremony, guests often receive gifts and food. Some countries offer free honeymoon packages, including airfare, hotel accommodations, and meals.


    Vietnam is a communist country where divorce is illegal. However, foreigners who live here can still legally marry a Vietnamese citizen.

    If you’re married to a Vietnamese woman, you may be able to apply for a divorce. But you must file a request at the district level within 30 days after the marriage ends. The court will decide whether to grant the divorce based on evidence presented during a hearing.

    There are no legal grounds for divorce in Vietnam. So if you’ve been living together for years, there’s a strong possibility that you won’t be granted a divorce.

    However, if you were only married for a short period of time, you may qualify for a divorce. And if you were never married, you may be eligible for a divorce.

    All in all

    Marrying a Vietnamese woman is possible, but you need to know how to go about it. You should also understand the legalities involved before making any decisions.