Can a man love 2 woman at the same time?


Can a man love 2 woman at the same time? share your thoughts

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  1. A man can love two women at the same time. But he cannot marry them both. He can marry one of them.

    If a man loves two women at the same, he should not marry them both because he is already married.

    He can love two women at different times. For example, he may love his wife very much and also love a woman whom he met recently. In such cases, he should not marry both of them.

    But if a man loves two women simultaneously, he can marry both of them. And he can marry one of them later. For example, he can marry his girlfriend now and marry another woman later.

    Is He Looking For A Relationship Or Just Fun?

    What does this mean? Is he looking for a relationship or just some casual fun? Does she feel the same way? These questions are important because they help determine whether or not you should pursue him.

    If you’re interested in having a serious relationship with him, then you need to be honest about your feelings. However, if you only want to have fun, then you shouldn’t pressure him to commit.

    Do You Want To Be Friends First?

    If you’re looking for a relationship, then you need to be friends first. Otherwise, you won’t have any basis for building trust and intimacy.

    When you meet someone new, you should ask yourself these questions: Do you want to be friends first? Are you interested in getting to know them better? And would you be comfortable sharing personal information with this person?

    If you answer yes to all three questions, then you’re ready to move forward. But if not, then you may want to reconsider whether this person is right for you.

    There’s no harm in being upfront about your intentions. So if you decide you’d rather just be friends, say so. Don’t worry, most people respect honesty.

    Are You Both Ready To Commit?

    If you’re not ready to commit, then don’t waste each other’s time. Don’t be selfish.

    But if you’re both ready to commit, then go ahead and ask her out. She may say yes, she may say no, or she may tell you to take a hike. But either way, you’ve got nothing to lose.

    And if she says yes, then congratulations! Now you just need to figure out where to meet next.

    Considering all of these

    If you’re interested in having fun with another person, then dating two women at once might be something you should consider. However, if you’re looking for a long term commitment, then you may want to think twice about this kind of arrangement.