Can guys talk first on Bumble?


Can guys talk first on Bumble? will be glad to hear your thoughts

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  1. Yes, because Bumble is not just about hookups. We believe that every relationship deserves respect and dignity. That’s why we created Bumble and built it to be a place where both genders can build meaningful connections.

    We want to help you connect with anyone, whether they’re straight, queer, bi, pansexual, transgender, intersex, or anything else under the rainbow.

    So yes, guys can talk first on Bumble. And ladies can reply back.

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    Why Guys Talk First on Bumble

    Bumble is a dating app where men initiate conversations. Women can respond within 24 hours, and men can reply within 48 hours. The idea behind this is that women should be able to decide whether or not they’re interested in talking to a man, rather than having to wait for him to contact them.

    This means that men need to take initiative when initiating conversation, because there’s no guarantee that a woman will respond. This is especially true for men who aren’t used to being the initiator.

    When a guy does initiate conversation, he needs to ask questions that show interest in her life and interests. He shouldn’t just say things like “What’s up?”, “How was work?”, or “Where did you go last night?”. These types of generic questions are too vague, and won’t help him stand out among his peers.

    Instead, he should ask questions that demonstrate genuine curiosity about her life and interests. For example, instead of saying “Hey”, he could say “Tell me about yourself”. Or instead of asking “What’s up?”, he could say “What’s going on?”.

    These types of open-ended questions are better at getting a response, because they allow the woman to tell her story. And she’s more likely to feel comfortable sharing details about herself if she knows that the person she’s speaking to wants to hear it.

    If a woman responds to these questions, she’s more likely to reciprocate. She may share some interesting information about herself, and she may even ask a question back. But most importantly, she’s more likely than ever to give a man the opportunity to approach her.

    The Pros and Cons of Talking First on Bumble

    Bumble is a dating app where men initiate conversations with women. The idea behind this is to eliminate the awkwardness of having to ask a woman out. Instead, men simply send her a message, and she responds.

    There are pros and cons to talking first on Bumble. On the pro side, there’s no pressure to be charming, witty, or funny. Men just need to say hello and let the conversation flow naturally.

    On the con side, there’s nothing stopping a man from sending a woman a message and never hearing back. This means he may not realize the woman isn’t interested until it’s too late.

    To avoid these problems, here are some tips for initiating conversations on Bumble.

    Final point

    Talking first on Bumble isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s often a great opportunity for men to start conversations with women they’re interested in. But just because you can talk first doesn’t necessarily mean you should. So before you decide whether or not to talk first on Bumble, consider these questions: