Can you see intros for free on OkCupid?


Can you see intros for free on OkCupid? looking forward to the answers from the community

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  1. OkCupid is one of the oldest dating sites online. They were founded in 2004 and have been growing ever since. Their mission statement says that they want to help people find meaningful relationships.

    They also offer a lot of features such as messaging, browsing, and matching. In addition to that, they provide a lot of useful information about yourself and others.

    You can view your profile at any time and change anything you want. There isn’t much else to talk about because it’s just a basic site.

    OkCupid is not really geared towards gay people. They don’t have any specific gay sections. They have a few different categories under ‘men seeking men’ which include ‘straight’, ‘bi’, and ‘gay’.

    There aren’t any special features for gay people. You won’t be able find any gay groups or events. There are no special features for gay people except for the fact that you can search for them.

    OkCupid does have a lot of great features for straight people. You can browse for people based on location, age, relationship status, education level, religion, ethnicity, occupation, body type, height, weight, etc.

    OkCupid has a lot of great features, but there isn’t anything specifically for gay people.

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    If you’ve ever wanted to try out OkCupid, now is the perfect time because they’re offering a special deal where you can sign up for free for 30 days. The catch is that you need to be willing to answer some questions about yourself. But once you fill out those short surveys, you’ll be able to browse through thousands of profiles and find a match within minutes.

    Once you find a profile you like, simply send them a friend request and ask them to add you as a friend. Then you can chat with each other privately until you decide whether you’d like to meet in person.

    OkCupid is a dating app, not a hookup app, so you won’t find any sex tips here. However, there are plenty of other ways to make money online besides writing about sex. So if you’re looking for ideas beyond the ones below, check out our post on 10 Ways To Make Money Online.

    Set your profile picture to something fun

    OkCupid is a dating site where users create profiles and search for matches based on location, age, gender, interests, etc. The site allows members to set their own profile pictures.

    When setting your profile picture, be careful not to use too many details. This includes faces, logos, brands, and any other visual elements that may distract viewers from reading your profile.

    If you’re looking for a creative profile pic, try taking a photo of yourself holding a sign that says “Free Intro.” Or, take a selfie with a funny caption.

    This works because most people aren’t familiar with OkCupid, so when they visit your profile, they won’t recognize you. And since they don’t know who you are, they’ll assume you’re a stranger. So they’ll ask you questions to find out more about you.

    Answer questions about yourself

    OkCupid is a dating site where users answer questions about themselves and others. The idea is that if two strangers agree on certain things (like a mutual interest in cooking) they’re more likely to become friends.

    If you’ve ever used OkCupid, you may be familiar with the intro section. This area shows you who’s currently online right now, and allows you to ask them any question you’d like.

    But did you know there’s actually a lot of information available for free? Well, there is!

    When you sign up for OkCupid, you automatically receive access to the intro section. There, you can view profiles of anyone currently online, including photos, interests, and answers to common questions.

    And because everyone has answered these questions at some point, you can use this information to find out more about the person you’re chatting with.

    This means you can learn a lot about the person you’re talking to just by asking simple questions. And since most people aren’t shy about answering questions, you should be able to get a ton of useful info for free.

    So go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity. Ask away!

    Choose a photo from your phone

    When creating your profile picture, be careful not to use photos taken with your smartphone. The quality of these pictures isn’t great, and they’re usually too small to fit comfortably on a dating site. Instead, take a professional headshot or selfie with a tripod.

    If you’re worried about privacy, consider taking a self-portrait instead of a full-body shot. Selfies aren’t as revealing as full body shots, and they’re often better quality.

    Also, avoid selfies taken outdoors because they tend to be grainy and blurry. Take them indoors where there’s no glare.


    This method works because OkCupid has made it really easy to find someone who shares similar interests. You don’t need to pay anything to use this feature, which makes it a great option for those looking for love.