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  1. Covid-19 restrictions have put a pause on many of our normal date night activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a special time together! Here are some creative ways to spend time with your partner while adhering to social distancing instructions:

    1. Have a movie marathon – curate a selection of your favorite movies, pop up some popcorn and cuddle up together for an evening together.

    2. Plan a picnic – lay out a blanket in the back yard (or even inside if space allows) and enjoy each other’s company over delicious food and drinks – don’t forget the traditional picnic essentials like wine and cheese for extra bonus points!

    3. Cook dinner – get busy in the kitchen preparing a romantic meal for two, complete with candles and music – sure to be an enjoyable experience even without leaving the house.

    4. Digital game night – break out the old board games or play online versions of your favorites like chess or Pictionary. (Maybe even make it competitive with yard-sized beer pong). Laughing while playing games is a sure sign of connection and fun!

    5. Netflix Party viewings – join forces with friends as you all watch shows on Netflix at the same time with the help of their nifty Netflix Party feature – now featuring group chat so you can talk about what’s going on in real time! Happy virtual viewing session ahead!

    Introduction: What is a Covid Date Night?

    Covid Date Night is a new type of date night, designed to help couples connect and make the most of their time together in the middle of this pandemic. It’s different than other “normal” date nights in that it can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of your own home!

    That doesn’t mean Covid Date Night isn’t still romantic. You can still dress up (or down) for your date night, light some candles and prepare a special meal – just do it all while socially distancing! Some ideas include ordering take-out, making dinner at home together, having a virtual restaurantathon or hosting an at-home wine tasting. With a little creativity, you can have an incredibly fun and enjoyable evening.

    Research and find the best resources

    One of the most important aspects of having a successful Covid date night is to research and find the best resources that fit your needs. This may include looking for creative stay-at-home ideas, restaurants or bars with outdoor seating, delivery services or video chat options. You can also do research on what’s popular in the area in terms of entertainment, places to go and activities to do.

    If you’re looking for activities to keep things interesting during Covid date nights, there are plenty of online sources available. One great tool that can be used is online game sites such as BoardGameArena or Tabletopia which offer classic board games played remotely with other people around the world. Additionally, you can use apps like Netflix Party that let you watch movies together even if separated geographically.

    No matter what type of date night activities you decide to do, make sure that researching and finding new resources is an essential step in creating an enjoyable experience for both parties.

    Outdoor Activities

    When you’re planning Covid-safe date night activities, outdoor activities are the way to go. With just a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can come up with fun activities that will keep things safe and still provide a great experience. Put on your thinking cap and get ready for some romantic outdoor activity ideas!

    Outdoor picnic dinners are always popular options for date nights, but why not get extra creative? Think about setting up food stations around your backyard or garden, each with its own menu item like salads, sandwiches, sushi rolls, little pizzas…you name it. Plus decorate your space—some cute tablecloths, fresh flowers or festive lights can do wonders in terms of setting the ambience.

    Other outdoorsy date night activities could be having a socially distanced tailgate party in your yard, playing lawn games such as bocce ball or cornhole (great opportunity for some friendly competition!), stargazing from a rooftop patio, taking sunset hikes at local parks together…all perfect ways to enjoy the outdoors — safely!

    icnic Ideas

    Picnics are an easy and safe way to have date night with your partner amidst the pandemic. Even if you’re not able to go outdoors, you can set up a cozy picnic in your own home.

    Choose a meal-of-the-day like tacos, sandwiches, or sushi, which you both love and prepare it together while adding thoughtful touches like designing labels or lighting candles. Then dedicate certain areas of the living room or patio for snacks, drinks, and dessert to wrap up the casual night. Make sure you have sturdy dishes that can keep food warm, candles that provide nice ambiance, and depending on weather conditions (depending on where you live) something soft like cushions or a blanket for comfort seating!


    Targazing is the perfect way to enjoy a romantic date night while social distancing. All you need is a star-filled sky, a comfortable blanket and your partner. You can make homemade hot cocoa to snuggle up with as you lay back in awe of the stars.

    Some tips for calling out constellations: take time to learn the most visible shapes in the night sky. Download an app like stargazer or discover stars which will help you identify the various galaxies, star clusters, nebulae and other regions of deep space. It’s fascinating to see how different historical cultures have interpreted these points in the sky!

    Targazing can be incredibly romantic because eyes are always talking when they connect under starlight — this type of date night promotes true connection between two people. Talk about what each star represents and look forward to upcoming astrological events like meteor showers or eclipses!