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  1. • Have a cozy movie marathon. Pick up a few of your favorite movies and pop some popcorn, then get comfy on the couch.

    • Create an indoor picnic. Spread out a blanket in the living room and have a romantic picnic with snacks, wine, and all the trimmings.

    • Make it an Italian night. Make your own pizza or pasta dish together – complete with sauce, cheese, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, wine, and dessert!

    • Prepare a gourmet meal together. Buy the ingredients for homemade tacos or burritos and prepare them together for fun (and delicious) date night eats.

    • Try a romantic scavenger hunt. Hide clues around the house that lead to different tasks and gifts that come from the heart — like handmade cards or little surprises like chocolates or even flowers!

    • Have karaoke night. Get silly with homemade microphones made out of cardboard tubes and sing along to your favorite songs as if you’re at an actual karaoke bar!

    • Plan a “secret rendezvous” in different spots of your home. Set up candles in each spot to set off the ambiance – then start a trail around your space that leads to each little surprise spot!

    • Play board game battle. Pull out the board games you have lying around the house and challenge each other in a game night competition—winner gets bragging rights ‘til next time!


    Are you trying to think of some fun and cute at home date ideas? Whether you’re stuck in quarantine, need a distraction from a busy day-to-day, or just want to cozy up with your special someone, dates in the comfort of your own home can be the perfect way to spend some quality time together.

    From romantic candlelit dinners by the fire to movie marathons on the couch, there are endless ways to make your night special. With a bit of creativity and some planning ahead, you can turn any space into a perfect date night destination. Read on for some cute date night ideas that are sure to ignite your relationship!

    Set the Mood: Candlelight, Music & Decor

    One of the most important elements of a romantic evening is setting the mood. You can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere with just some simple decoration. Start by dimming the lights, adding a few beautiful candles around the room, and maybe even stringing up some fairy lights.

    Then take it to the next level by playing some soft music in the background. Jazz, soul or classical are good options for ambiance music that won’t distract from your conversations or activities. Don’t forget to pick out decorations that make you feel romantic too! Think rose petals, flowers, and gentle fabrics draped over chairs or tables.

    This will be a great way to turn any night into an elegant night of romance at home with your special someone.

    Cook Together & Enjoy a Homemade Meal

    One of the cutest at home date ideas is to cook together and enjoy a homemade meal. Who says you have to go out for dinner? Cooking a delicious, healthy meal can be super romantic!

    First think about what kind of meal you’re going to prepare. Will it be Italian, Mexican or maybe something vegetarian? Decide on the recipe you want to make and come up with an ingredients list. Don’t forget the sweet treats for dessert!

    Once you got everything ready, turn up some music and start cooking. It’ll be fun chatting while your meals are simmering. When dinner’s ready, share the love by setting up a romantic dinner table—don’t skimp on decorating! Enjoy each other’s company while savouring your delicious homemade meal roasted vegetables, pasta salad or whatever it is that you made together.

    Pop Some Popcorn & Watch a Movie or Play a Board Game

    One of the easiest and most fun at-home dates is popcorn and a movie night. Try to pick something that both of you are interested in watching and maybe even some snacks to make it extra special. You can even plan ahead to have your favorite candies, sodas, or any other snacks prepared before your movie night.

    Another, slightly more interactive way to spend time together at home is by playing a board game or two. It’s a great way to get competitive yet stay relaxed and comfortable while still having some fun between the two of you. Whether you like classic board games such as Monopoly or a card game like Uno, it’s sure to be an enjoyable time guaranteed! And who knows? Maybe you both will discover some hidden talents along the way.

    Go Stargazing or Build a Fort & Have a Picnic Inside

    One of the most romantic and affordable at home date ideas is to plan a night in under the stars! On a clear night, wrap up in blankets and spend an hour or two stargazing in your backyard. You could also set up a fort using couch cushions, sheets, pillows, comfy chairs, and blankets. Then move inside and have a picnic dinner together while surrounded by your cozy creations.

    This type of at home date option encourages conversation and special moments spent with each other – without any kind of distraction. If you’re feeling extra fancy, light some candles or even use Christmas lights (year round!) for additional ambiance. Top it off by watching a movie from your tablet under the stars or snuggled up inside. This creative joint effort allows you to get creative and have time for each other as well!