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  1. Cincinnati is a great city for a romantic outdoor date. There are many options to explore with your partner, from exploring the vibrant parks to winding through the canals on a paddleboat. Here are some date ideas in Cincinnati that you and your partner can enjoy together:

    1. Take a romantic stroll at Smale Riverfront Park – The sprawling Smale Riverfront Park on the banks of the Ohio River provides an ideal setting for lovers to getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stroll through its gardens, relax by its fountain plaza or enjoy live musical performances by local talents at bandstands on weekends. You can also rent paddleboats here to cruise along the scenic riverfront.

    2. See a concert under the stars – Catch amazing musical performances at Red Balloon Songwriter Series held at Ault Park every Tuesday in summer. From country to jazz and alternative music, delight in sounds amidst beautiful scenic views after sunset.

    3. Cycle around town – Cycling is one of the best ways to explore Cincinnati’s unique streetscapes, historic buildings and waterfront views. Rent bicycles from Mo Bicycle Co-op or Avant Bicycles and explore multiple routes such as bike lanes along Central Parkway or 3-4 miles loop of Riverwalk Trail along John G Webster Bridge with your beloved partner just beside you!

    4. Enjoy street food festivals – Indulge in sumptuous delights from street art festivals such as City Flea, Party Source Summer Bash & Tunes Music Festival held throughout summertime filled with vendors selling delicious snacks like tacos, burgers and desserts that will delight your taste buds guaranteed!

    5 .Relax amid nature – Spend some quality time among nature at Greenspace Center located in Eden Park full of flowers, trees and bushes which serves as peaceful escape within city limits! Another option is Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve which consists 2 hiking trails set amidst lush greenery perfect for exploring natural wonders together!


    No matter your relationship status, there’s something for everyone in Cincinnati, Ohio. Whether you are married, single or just looking for a fun from of entertainment, the vibrant city of Cincinnati is home to plenty of fantastic date ideas.

    First time visitors, must visit some of the city’s iconic attractions that have molded and shaped this city into what it is today. Take an educational journey to the Cincinnati History Museum or explore the many art galleries, like 21c Museum Hotel.

    If you’re in search of a more active date night activity then explore the city via bike on one of its scenic trails or rent paddle boats at Mirror Lake in Eden Park. There’s also numerous outdoor activities like ziplining at EnterTRAINment Family Fun Center that will leave you with plenty of fun memories.

    Ideas for Outdoor Activities

    If you’re looking for a thrilling date night in Cincinnati, there are plenty of outdoor activities to fit the bill. From glamorous rooftop events to breathtakingly beautiful natural areas, the Greater Cincinnati area has something for everyone.

    For a romantic evening, take your date to explore Smale Riverfront Park. Stroll hand-in-hand along the riverfront boardwalk and admire the stunning views down the Ohio River Valley. Take a break on one of the park’s many vibrant green lawns before you head to nearby Lytle Park for a stunning sunset view from an observation deck that overlooks downtown.

    If you and your date prefer something more active, check out Ault Park. The park features several challenging walking trails where you can appreciate Cincinnati’s natural beauty while getting a good workout in. Or maybe take your date rowing or paddleboating at Armleder Park! It’s also fun to grab some dinner at one of Cincinnati’s delicious food trucks on select nights each week and have a picnic with an unbeatable view.

    Indoor Date Ideas

    Cincinnati offers plenty of options for a romantic indoor date. For starters, why not visit some of the city’s finest museums? Take your special someone to one of Cincinnati’s art galleries and peruse the masterpieces sprawled throughout.

    Or perhaps you two could hop on over to the city’s various theaters? From classic films screenings to funny improv shows, there’s something for everyone in Cincinnati.

    If that doesn’t sound quite right, then take your date out for a game of bowling at one of the numerous alleyways around town. Sure it might seem like an old-fashioned activity, but it’s sure to leave you both with fond memories and smiles all around!

    One thing is certain – if you’re looking for an indoor date idea in Cincinnati, you won’t be disappointed!

    Romantic Restaurants

    Cincinnati has a plethora of romantic restaurants that offer the perfect atmosphere for an intimate evening. Whether you’re looking for a nice dinner out, appetizers with drinks, or a casual bite to eat, these restaurants are sure to put your date into an amorous mood.

    One of the top choices is Allez Bistro in the fashionable neighborhood of Hyde Park. Set in a cozy spot decorated with warm colors and lights, Allez Bistro serves amazing French-inspired cuisine with plenty of beer and wine options. For a special treat, order their signature steak frites.

    If you’re looking for something trendy yet romantic, check out The Brew House on 6th Street. This brewpub serves up unique craft beers created right onsite as well as American grub menu fare like burgers and sandwiches. With its rustic decor and cozy ambience, it makes the perfect spot for a no-pressure date night outing.

    Finally, don’t miss out on Maury’s Tiny Cove in Northside. This gem stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the best steakhouses across the country – but offers prices everyone can afford! Sure to delight your palate and wallet alike, Maury’s is sure to be your go-to place for romantic nights out together in Cincinnati!