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  1. If you’re looking for fun, unique date ideas in Provo, Utah there are plenty of activities you can do together! Here are some great options to choose from:

    1. Visit the local winery – If you and your significant other enjoy trying different wines, The Gibson Winery is a great spot to tour during your date. It’s located right in downtown Provo and has a wide selection of wines. You can even try one of their wine tastings to find out which type of wine you both enjoy.

    2. Explore the Natural History Museum – The BYU Museum of Art is full of amazing art exhibits and tours focused on natural history topics from dinosaurs to hominins. Spend an afternoon with your loved one discovering new things and learning about the natural world around us.

    3. Dine at an interesting restaurant – For those who want to spice up their date night, head to an exotic cuisine such as La Taqueria or Neli’s Mexican Grill for some delicious southern-style dishes with a twist! Both restaurants offer excellent service and delicious food that would delight any palate.

    4. Take a boat ride down the Provo River – Spend an afternoon or evening cruising along the spectacular views while exploring waterway scenery with many outdoor activities available nearby such as fishing, swimming, hiking, and relaxing on the beach!

    5. Try Laser Tag at Lasertron – Get competitive with your date by going head-to-head in laser tag at Lasertron! Enjoy a thrilling game where you’ll have to use strategy and quick thinking to be victorious!

    6. Attend a Concert at Velour Live Music Gallery – One of the best ways to get closer with your date is through music! Velour Live Music Gallery hosts concerts year round featuring local musicians that always put on an amazing show – best part? They only charge $5 admission so anyone can attend regardless of budget restrictions!


    If you are looking for date ideas in Provo, Utah, you have come to the right place! Provo is a city full of wonderful activities and attractions perfect for couples. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner out or something more adventurous, there’s always something to do in this charming city. From stunning natural vistas to delicious restaurants to exciting recreation centers and so much more, there is something for everyone here in Provo. Whether you and your SO love outdoor exploring, art galleries and music venues, or simple dinner dates with excellent food – you will find exactly what you need here! Let us help plan your ideal evening with these amazing ideas – every one of them perfect for finding sparks flying.

    Hikes & Trails in Provo

    There is no better way to spend a romantic day in Provo than by exploring the great outdoors! With the majestic Rocky Mountains and over 250 miles of gorgeous trails and hikes, Provo offers a range of stunning scenery for couples to share.

    Hikers can choose from plenty of trails, from easy strolls to challenging treks. There’s something for everyone: easy walks along rivers, panoramic views atop craggy peaks, calm meadows filled with wildflowers, and towering forests thick with pine trees. Take your partner on a guided tour or go off-the-beaten path to create your own mountain adventures.

    If you and your date prefer more leisurely activities, then you’ll love the countless bike paths offering beautiful views into nature. Stroll along the Provo River Trail or take a romantic ride up to Cascade Springs via Nebo Loop Road — whatever kind of outdoor adventure sparks up romance!

    Outdoor Sports and Activities

    There are plenty of outdoor sports and activities that you can enjoy together in the beautiful city of Provo. Go river tubing, kayaking or canoeing down the Provo River. You two can even try tandem canyon adventures like Rappelling or Hiking through some of the breathtaking scenery Provo has to offer.

    If it’s a sunny day, pack up your gear and head out to Utah Lake State Park for some stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking or sailing. You can also go windsurfing and take lessons at Utah Windsurfing School if you want.

    For those who prefer dry land, find an outdoor adventure course such as rock climbing or laser tag at The Matrix Adventure Park. Make a date night out of it by visiting one of Provo’s many parks for some stargazing and star gazing. Take up biking together with shared bikes available around town through programs such as Spinlister (it’s electric!). Enjoy playing a game on the beach while taking in views along Utah Lake shoreline or catch some heart-pumping reggae music at Rooftop Concert Series during summertime months atop Provo Towne Centre mall’s parking garage!

    Cultural Events & Places to Visit

    Provo has many cultural events going on every month. You can visit the nearby museum, art gallery, and theater for an exciting date night. Spend some time appreciating local art or enjoying a play or musical together. Most towns have local music scenes too, so why not get dressed up and attend a show?

    In addition to cultural events, there are plenty of places to visit in Provo that you’ll remember for years to come. Take your beloved on romantic strolls through the scenic parks and gardens around town. Enjoy dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants in Provo before ending your evening with a spectacular hike up the iconic Y mountain. For something special, take a hot air balloon ride over Utah Valley – perfect for grand gestures of love!

    Unique Date Ideas for Couples

    Provo is an amazing city with so many fun and unique date ideas for couples. Whether you’re looking for something adventurous or more low-key, there is something here to suit everyone.

    For adventurers, why not try an outdoor adventure? Go hikings at Rock Canyon Park, watch the sunset from Y Mountain, or take a trip to Utah Lake and enjoy some kayaking. For those looking for a cozy evening in town, grab dinner at one of the city’s great restaurants like The Chop House or Taste of India. Then head over to the historic Provo Theatre for classic films or the City Library for their special book club events.

    For something unique and romantic, check out Provo’s nightlife venues such as Muse Music Cafe & Rock Bar and get ready to be entertained by some of Utah’s best local musicians. Or show your creative side with a pottery class at Feel Good Ceramics Studio followed by drinks overlooking downtown Provo at City Arts Building & Gallery’s second floor bar—a great way to watch the night come alive!