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  1. Friends with Benefits is one of the best ways to keep your relationship fresh without being tied down. But at times, you might want to avoid talking about your relationship every day because it could come off as clingy.

    You don’t have to worry about that though because friends with benefits is meant to be casual and not serious. There are no strings attached.

    So, if you’re looking for something casual, you should definitely check out friends with benefits.

    If you’re interested in meeting someone casually, friends with benefits is a great place to start.

    Why You Shouldn’t Stay Friends With Benefits Anymore

    Friends with benefits (FWBs) are great when you’re looking for casual sex. They’re not ideal for long term relationships because there’s no commitment.

    But FWBs aren’t just for hooking up. There are many reasons why you should stay friends with benefits. Here are some of them:

    The Signs That Your Friend With Benefits Is A Bad Relationship

    If you’re wondering whether your friend with benefits is cheating on you, here are some signs that he or she may be having an affair.

    1. He or she doesn’t call anymore.

    2. They’ve been acting strange lately.

    3. She’s been avoiding him or her.

    4. He or she seems distant.

    5. He or she spends too many nights away from home.

    6. He or she starts talking about another woman.

    7. He or she talks about his or her past relationships.

    8. He or she asks questions about your relationship.

    9. He or she wants to spend more time together than usual.

    10. He or she gives gifts that aren’t appropriate for the occasion.

    11. He or she lies about where he or she is going.

    How To Know When It’s Time To Move On From Your Friend With Benefits

    Friends with benefits (FWBs) are great because they’re free, but they can be tricky. They’re not monogamous, so there’s no commitment. And since they’re not exclusive, there’s nothing stopping them from cheating on you.

    That said, FWBs are a great option when you need some extra cash. But if you’ve been dating a FWB for over six months, chances are he/she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So if you want to move on, here are three signs that it’s time to end things with your friend with benefits.

    In brief

    If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to end your friendship with someone who has been sleeping around behind your back, this article should give you some insight into what’s going on.