Do guys regret letting a good girl go?


Do guys regret letting a good girl go? share your thoughts

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  1. If you’re looking for answers about why guys let bad girls go, you’re not alone. There are lots of questions about why guys don’t chase a girl anymore, especially once she starts acting weird. When a girl starts ignoring him, he may start thinking that maybe she’s just playing hard to get.

    But the truth is, there’s really no reason to worry about whether a girl is interested or not. She could be totally into you right now, but she might be distracted by something else. That’s just part of being human.

    So, if you’re worried about her suddenly disappearing, relax. Chances are, she’s just busy doing whatever it is she wants to do. And if she isn’t, you can always ask her out again later.

    It’s true that girls usually want to play games with guys. They enjoy teasing them and seeing how far they can push them. But it’s also true that guys aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing games. Girls do too.

    Girls often pretend to ignore guys because they’re trying to figure out how much they should pay attention to them. They want to test their boundaries without pushing them too far.

    And while it’s fun to tease guys, it’s important to remember that they’re still humans, too. They’re not machines. They’re emotional beings, and they deserve respect.

    That said, it’s perfectly normal for guys to become frustrated at times. Sometimes, girls won’t return calls or texts. Or they’ll disappear completely. Guys are confused and hurt when this happens, but they shouldn’t take it personally.

    When a girl ignores a guy, it’s probably because she’s got a lot going on. Maybe she’s dealing with a personal issue. Maybe she’d rather spend time with friends instead. Whatever the case, she’s probably not ready to talk to anyone yet.

    So, don’t panic. Just wait patiently until she’s ready. If she hasn’t returned your call within a few days, give her space. Don’t text her every day. Instead, leave her alone for a week or two and then contact her again.

    She’s bound to come back eventually. In fact, she might surprise you and actually answer one of your messages.

    You never know.

    Why Guys Regret Letting Good Girls Go

    There are many reasons why men regret letting good girls go. Here are just a few:

    1) They’re afraid she’ll find out they’re not perfect.

    2) They worry she’ll leave them because they aren’t perfect.

    3) They fear she’ll be too busy to notice them anymore.

    4) They’re afraid she won’t call them back when she says she misses them.

    5) They’re afraid she’d rather date someone better looking than them.

    6) They’re afraid she would never forgive them if she found out they cheated on her.

    7) They’re afraid she wouldn’t understand them if they told her everything they were feeling.

    8) They’re afraid she doesn’t care enough about them to stay with them forever.

    9) They’re afraid she wants to be friends instead of lovers.

    10) They’re afraid she’s already found someone who treats her better.

    11) They’re afraid she thinks they’re boring.

    The Three Types Of Women You Should Never Ever Date Again

    There are three types of women who should never be dated again. They’re not necessarily bad girls; rather, they just lack common sense.

    1) The Girl Who Makes You Feel Like An Idiot

    She doesn’t care about you at all. She’s only interested in herself. She makes you feel stupid because she talks too much and acts like a child. She may even act like a child when you try to talk to her.

    2) The Girl Who Is Always Late

    She shows up late to everything. Her excuse is always some lame story about being stuck in traffic. But there’s no traffic. There’s no reason for her to be late. And yet she still arrives late.

    3) The Girl Who Doesn’t Care About Your Needs

    She doesn’t care whether you’re hungry, tired, stressed out, or sick. She doesn’t care about your needs. She doesn’t care if you need to eat, sleep, or take a break. She doesn’t care.

    If you date any of these girls, you’ll regret it. These girls are selfish and self-centered. They don’t care about anyone except themselves. They’re not worth dating.

    And yes, I’m talking to you, ladies. Don’t ever let me hear you say that you’re sorry for getting dumped. You deserve every bit of pain you’ve been feeling. You were a terrible girlfriend. You deserved to be treated badly.

    But please, stop blaming yourself for things that weren’t your fault. Blaming yourself won’t help you move forward. Instead, blame the person who hurt you. He was a jerk. He didn’t deserve you.

    Instead of saying you’re sorry, tell him he was right to dump you. Tell him you’re glad he found someone better than you. Tell him you wish you’d done the same.

    Now, if you’re going through this painful process, you’re already making progress. You’re moving forward. You’re learning valuable lessons. And you’re growing stronger. So keep going. Keep fighting. And eventually, you’ll find someone who deserves you. Someone who treats you well. Someone who cares about you.

    Someone who loves you.


    Dating bad boys may seem like fun at first, but eventually you’ll realize that you’re better off with someone who treats you right.