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  1. 1. Make dinner together: A great way to enjoy each other’s company and bond while cooking something delicious. Try making one of your favorite dishes, or try to make something new that’s outside both of your comfort zones.

    2. Play a board game: Keep the competitive spirit alive with a game night! Monopoly, chess, checkers, or even some classic card games like Go Fish are all great options for a relaxed but fun evening.

    3. Host a movie night: Choose one of your favorite films (rom-coms and action films go over especially well) or pick out something neither of you have seen before. The surprise factor only adds to the entertainment!

    4. Wine tasting: Pick out some bottles from two different wineries and do a side-by-side comparison tasting session over Facetime! Since wine is such an acquired preference, talking about the different characteristics and comparing flavors can really bring you closer together as you find out each other’s preferences in wines.

    5. Video game tournament: Even if you don’t particularly like video games together, it can still be quite enjoyable to challenge each other in whatever genre you decide upon – sports games are especially good for this purpose because they have brief sessions that reset quickly so that anyone can pick up easily without having to spend hours playing through long-ass levels or reading tutorial texts on how to use the complicated controls (ahem, Dark Souls).

    6. Relaxation session: Set up your own spa days at home by taking turns giving each other massages! You could even turn on some calming music in the background to give it an extra special touch of relaxation (optional: candles).

    7. Do Karaoke together: Rewind back to your childhood years and practice those singing skills while having mad fun with your partner afterwards discussing why one did better than the other (or not).

    Facetime Date Ideas

    If you’re looking for a new way to spark some romance with your partner, Facetime dating is the perfect way to do it! Long distance relationships are never easy, but if you use facetime regularly, it can actually make long distance dating fun.

    Facetime also allows you to get creative with your date ideas. Instead of just talking and catching up like you would on a regular phone call, facetime offers lots of interactive activities so that you can be both entertained and connected. You can plan a virtual picnic together or take turns playing an online game like chess or word games. You could even have a movie night and watch your favorite film from the comfort of your own homes!

    All in all, planning Facetime dates is not only romantic but also quite convenient since you don’t have to go anywhere – all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. So next time when planning a date, why not give it a try?

    Planning a Virtual Trip Together

    One of the best ways to make your facetime date fun and special is by planning a virtual trip together. This could be anything from sharing pictures of your dream destination or even watching movies set in different cities.

    You can also check out virtual museum tours, then talk about what it would be like to explore together in person. Both of you can pick out sites that you’d want to visit and create an itinerary in advance.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even serve “travel themed food.” Plan a brunch menu by international cuisine standards or an evening picnic with food from a specific region of the world. Through this process, you’ll learn more about each other’s culture, taste preferences, and sense of adventure! Taking turns deciding activities in each city will also help strengthen your connection while exploring the world together.

    Playing Online Games

    One great facetime date idea is to play online games together. You can collaborate together on a multi-player game, or take turns competing against one another to see who can get the highest score. Not only is this a fun way to pass the time and get competitive, but it’s also a great way to bond with your partner.

    Playing online games is also an enjoyable way to go on virtual dates without leaving the comfort of your own home. Pick up one of your favorite board games for two players and give it a go over Facetime! It’s going to be just like playing the game in person without ever having to leave the house (or put pants on).

    Other good online options include poker, charades or Pictionary – both of which can help keep the conversation flowing while you chat and compete with each other. What’s more, there are lots of free gaming sites available online too, meaning you don’t have to shell out anything in order to play – yay!

    Hosting a Virtual Cooking Night

    Virtual Cooking Nights can be a fun way to bond and get creative with your significant other on Facetime or another video chat platform. The possibilities are endless and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

    First, create a menu for the night based on what ingredients you both have access to and decide who will be cooking what based on each of your individual skillset. Next, agree upon a start time so that everyone is available at the same time.

    When it’s time for your Virtual Cooking Night, turn your video camera off (or keep it facing away from the food) and tune into your personal audio connection. This way, you can converse while you cook in real-time but still be devoted to the task at hand.

    Once both of you have finished cooking, come together in front of one camera for an enjoyable virtual tasting. Enjoy each other’s recipes, ask questions about how they were made, and most importantly – savor each moment like it was an actual date!