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  1. With the current pandemic, it is more important than ever to be creative and resourceful when planning dates. Although traditional first date ideas such as going to a restaurant, out to see a movie, or cruising around town are not currently realistic options, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy time together while social distancing.

    1. Have a video chat “date”: Use this opportunity to get to know one another and have conversations that you would normally have on a traditional first date. It may not be the same as an IRL experience but it’s still exciting! You can play your own version of “Would You Rather?” or even dress up in different outfit combos just for fun.

    2. Take an outdoor walk: Going for a walk outside is great exercise and even better company! Whether its the beach, park, mountain trail– getting some fresh air with your date will help you make cherished memories! Try taking photos along the way or playing “I Spy” if it gets too quiet.

    3. Host an online game night: Game nights are always fun! Dig out those board games from your closet and challenge each other online with apps like Houseparty or Skype calls. Some classic two-player games include Checkers, Battleship, Jenga , Uno , Dominoes etc. Or you could opt for some fun virtual reality gaming like Minecraft and Animal Crossing !

    4 Indoor picnic : Who says picnics have to take place outdoors? Recreate the traditional picnic setting right at home—complete with decorations like fairy lights and decorative pillows Bring together all your favorite treats : finger food , fruit salads ,crispy snacks — anything goes really! Put on some nice music in the background and use this time to catch up on each other’s lives . Who knows? You might end up cooking together .

    5 Virtual museum tour : So you cannot make it out for a physical trip ? No worries ! Sign up for virtual museum tours with your date wherever remote access is available …If both of you share similar interests then art galleries are sure to be hit ! Discourse over modern paintings , sculptures or any historical artifacts related to art gives unique insight into each others’ minds which being sequestered indoors surely presents us with exciting opportunities now .

    Introducing creative ways to plan a meaningful first date during the pandemic

    Due to COVID-19, dating may look a bit different these days; but that doesn’t mean the first date has to be any less memorable! Introducing creative ways to plan a meaningful first date during the pandemic can help you safely get to know one another, make lasting memories, and have some fun.

    To keep your social distance, why not take your date for a walk in a park or outdoor trail? Not only is it better for safety reasons, but its also great way to keep your conversation going.

    You could also try out online cooking classes together from the comfort of your own homes. This allows you spend quality time with each other and make something special for one another.

    Exploring virtual and remote activities

    Exploring virtual and remote activities is a great way to date during Covid. With the pandemic leaving so many of us stuck indoors, there are a lot of creative virtual experiences you can have together to spice up your dates.

    For instance, why not explore exotic locations without ever leaving your home? With virtual tours, it’s easy to go sightseeing at famous landmarks around the world right from your living room! Or take a cooking class together online – there are dozens of chefs offering online classes on any cuisine imaginable. Alternatively, if you both love gaming look for co-op games that you can play remotely and enjoy each other’s company while competing against one another.

    If you’d rather keep things romantic and intimate, why not try a movie streaming service together or watch theater plays online? Have a chat afterwards to discuss the plot – this is bound to be an interesting conversation starter for the two of you.

    Setting up an outdoor cinema

    Setting up an outdoor cinema is a fun and creative way to enjoy your first date while still adhering to COVID-19 safety precautions. To do this, all you need is a large enough yard, a laptop or projector capable of displaying movies outdoors, some blankets or pillows to make the experience more comfortable, and some tasty snacks.

    To begin setting up your outdoor movie theater, pick out a spot in the yard that has plenty of room for two people. Set up the laptop or projector so that it’s facing a white wall (this will help with visibility) and let the movie start rolling! You should also situate yourself at least six feet away from each other to better observe social distancing guidelines. Before you call it quits for the night, don’t forget to set out some snacks like popcorn or street food—whatever type of food goes best with your chosen movie!

    Suggestions for connecting while maintaining social distancing

    Social distancing is a must during the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and make your first date memorable. Here are a few suggestions for connecting while maintaining social distancing:

    Virtual Movie Date – Pick a movie neither of you has seen before and watch it at the same time on your phones or computers. Set up video chat beforehand so you can talk while watching in sync.

    Virtual Picnic – Pack picnic baskets with the same items, head outside to different locations, and connect via video chat. This is a great way to share an enjoyable experience while keeping physical distance!

    Take Scenic Drives Together – In different cars, of course! Just pick an area both of you are interested in exploring and take each other along as you explore together via phone call or video chat.

    Staycation – Instead of traveling somewhere else, make your own adventure by performing tasks around town to have some fun and be safe. For example, go birdwatching, take photos of interesting spots, or find hidden gems that locals recommend—all without leaving your current city or town.