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  1. 1. Cook dinner together.

    Cooking a romantic dinner for two can be one of the most affordable date night options! Pick out your favorite recipes, grab a few items from the grocery store, and get cooking. Enjoy some quality time in the kitchen with your partner and you’ll have a delicious dinner you can share afterward.

    2. Movie night at home.

    Head to the store or rental store and rent a movie or two that both of you will enjoy watching together. Pop some popcorn, put on comfy clothes, snuggle up on the couch, and take in a fun movie night at home!

    3. Hike through nature trails.

    Explore nature trails close by and find some scenery that you guys can appreciate together! This could be an opportunity to get active outside while still enjoying each other’s company— plus it’s totally free! So grab your walking shoes and hit the fields for an afternoon of nature exploration.

    4. Have a picnic in the park.

    Enjoy a nice afternoon outdoors with your significant other by planning out a picnic! Pack some sandwiches, snacks and drinks into your picnic basket – throw on some comfy clothes – then sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors!

    5. Play video games together online/offline..

    Whether it’s online or offline gaming (or playing mini-golf!), spending quality time together playing video games can be lots of fun (and budget-friendly). Plus what better way to show off just how skilled you are at something!?

    6 Make music or an art project together.

    Creating something together—from writing music to making art projects—is not only enjoyable but also allows for learning about each other’s creative processes intimate conversations along the way!). Set aside an evening where both of you can get creative over drinks, music and each other’s company for an unforgettable date!

    Introduce ideas for going out and staying in

    When it comes to date nights, there are plenty of fun, cheap date ideas that don’t involve a nightly check-in at a fancy restaurant. You can have just as much fun staying in or going out!

    Going out, you can explore the city together with an afternoon of window shopping or people-watching. Take your lunch to a local park and share a picnic — all you need is some yummy food, great conversation, and fresh air. If the weather is nice, hunt for treasures at your nearest flea market or thrift shop.

    Staying in? Why not have a themed night where you get dressed up and watch classic movies from different eras? Or why not turn your living room into a DIY experience where you both look up recipes online then cook dinner together? Best part? No dishes to do afterwards!

    Going out: discount movie tickets, outdoor activities, picnics

    Going out on a fun and cheap date can be easy if you plan ahead! There are lots of simple, affordable options that provide entertainment and excitement – all without costing a fortune.

    Discount movie tickets are one great way to enjoy a night out with your significant other. You can often find deals online through sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. Outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing or biking are also budget-friendly ways to have a memorable evening together.

    Picnics in the park are another great idea for an inexpensive date. Make sure you buy some delicious snacks and drinks (wine optional!) to enjoy outdoors together for an evening of theater under the stars. And don’t forget the blanket! Pack up an outdoor game like lawn darts or bocce ball to make it more interesting!

    Staying in: cooking dinner together, board games, scavenger hunt

    Staying in is the perfect way to have a fun and inexpensive date. Cooking dinner together is always a great option and it’s actually quite romantic! Choose a favorite recipe of yours or pick something new that you’d both like to try. Making the meal together can be so much fun and eating it afterward will be even better!

    Another in-home option for budget-friendly dates is playing board games together. This could be something as simple as checkers or chess, or you could opt for something more exciting like Scrabble, Risk, or Monopoly. Board games allow you to spend quality time together in an affordable way. Make sure you pick one that both of you find enjoyable- no one wants an evening of bickering over rules!

    If either of you enjoys puzzles, a scavenger hunt can be a great opportunity to explore your city without spending much money (or any at all!). You can make a list of items or locations and then race each other around town trying to collect them all first. Scavenger hunts provide plenty of stimulating conversation while also making sure your date doesn’t break the bank!

    Ideas for days off/weekend dates

    It’s a great feeling when you and your significant other get the day off together. Those days should be used for fun and exciting activities that allow you both to enjoy some quality time. No matter what city or town you live in, there are plenty of cheap date ideas that are perfect for weekends away or daytime dates.

    One excellent cheap date idea is to visit a local farmers market together. Most farmers markets don’t cost anything to enter and depending on where you go, there may even be entertainment like live music or food vendors with items to buy and sample. While discovering all the wonderful finds at the markets you can enjoy spending time with one another as well as learn more about local businesses in your area.

    Another great option for a cheap weekend date is to check out your local museums or art galleries. Many museums offer fee-free days and some even offer half-off admission prices during certain hours, so be sure to check those details ahead of time! A leisurely stroll through an art gallery or museum might make for the perfect way to spend an hour on any given day off—and you get the chance to learn something new together too!