How can I attract a good man?


How can I attract a good man? have you ever had such experience

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  1. It’s not always about looks. There are lots of great looking men out there who just don’t seem to understand how to approach women. They might be shy, nervous, or downright creepy. That’s why it’s important to learn how to talk to women and pick up techniques that will help you become irresistible to them. Here are three tips to help you attract a great man.

    #1: Be Confident

    Confidence is sexy. Men want confident women because they know they won’t be intimidated by her. Women also appreciate confidence because they know he isn’t trying to fake his feelings. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not afraid to tell you.

    #2: Take Control

    Men respect women who take control of situations. A man respects a woman who takes charge of herself. She doesn’t wait for him to come to her. She goes to him. She gives him what she wants and expects him to give her what she needs.

    #3: Don’t Play Games

    A lot of men play games with women. They pretend to care about something else while really wanting to hook up with her. They act interested in her interests and hobbies while secretly hoping she’ll agree to go home with them. When she finally agrees, they drop her off at her door and never call again.

    These are just a few examples of ways men play games with women, but the point is that they’re all forms of manipulation.

    Don’t fall victim to these tricks. Instead, show your own confidence and take control of yourself. When you do, you’ll start attracting the right kind of men.

    Men Are Attracted To Women Who Have A Good Sense Of Humor

    If you’re looking for a relationship, humor is a great quality to have. Men find women who laugh at themselves funny attractive. They feel comfortable being themselves around them because they know they won’t be judged.

    Women who are naturally funny are often seen as intelligent and capable. This makes men feel confident enough to approach them. So, if you want to attract a good man, learn to laugh at yourself.

    Men Like Women Who Can Be Independent

    If you’re looking for a relationship with a man who likes women who can be independent, here are some tips to help you attract him.

    First, let me say this upfront: men like women who can be independent. They appreciate women who take care of themselves and aren’t dependent upon them.

    Second, men prefer women who are self-sufficient and confident. So when you go out, dress well, put yourself together, and act like a woman who knows her own mind. Don’t worry about being too sexy; he won’t notice. He just wants to date a woman who looks great and acts like she owns the world.

    Third, men like women who are smart. This means you should study hard and learn things. Learn how to cook, clean, sew, garden, paint, decorate, etc. Show off your knowledge and skills. Men like women who are knowledgeable and intelligent because they respect intelligence.

    Fourth, men like women who work hard. This includes working at your job, volunteering, taking classes, going back to school, getting involved in community activities, etc.

    Fifth, men like women who have goals. Men like women who set goals and achieve them. And they especially like women who set ambitious goals and accomplish them.

    Sixth, men like women with confidence. Confidence comes from knowing who you are and believing in yourself. So practice saying no to things that aren’t important to you. Practice saying yes to things that matter to you.

    Seventh, men like women who laugh. Laughter makes us feel happy and relaxed. So keep laughing and smiling.

    Eighth, men like women who smile. Smiling shows happiness and friendliness. So smile often and show your teeth whenever possible.

    Ninth, men like women who listen. Listening helps build trust between two people. So pay close attention to what he says. Listen carefully and ask questions when necessary.

    Tenth, men like women who speak their minds. Speak your mind and tell him exactly what you think. Tell him what you want and expect from him.

    Eleventh, men like women with ambition. Men like women who dream big dreams and pursue those dreams.

    Men Want Women Who Take Care Of Themselves

    If you’re looking for a relationship with a man who takes care of himself, here’s some tips to help you find him.

    First, be honest. Men hate being lied to, especially when it comes to relationships. So tell him straight out that you expect him to take care of himself and his needs.

    Second, let him know you’re not interested in a relationship where he doesn’t meet your expectations. Tell him upfront that you won’t tolerate any disrespect or cheating.

    Third, show interest in him. Don’t just wait for him to come to you. Instead, actively seek him out. This shows him that you value yourself enough to put effort into finding a partner.
    How can I attract a good man?

    Fourth, be open to meeting him at places outside of your home. He may feel uncomfortable going to your house because he feels like he’s intruding. But if you go to his place, he knows he’s welcome there.

    Fifth, keep things lighthearted. Showing affection through humor makes men feel relaxed and comfortable. And when he sees you laughing together, he’ll feel more attracted to you.

    Sixth, give him space. Let him know that you need time alone sometimes. This lets him know that you’re not needy and that you’re okay with having your own interests and hobbies.
    How can I attract a good man?

    Seventh, be patient. Men often take longer than women to warm up to each other. Give him time to get to know you, and don’t rush things.

    Eighth, be confident. Be proud of who you are, and don’t apologize for it. Men appreciate confidence, and they respect those who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

    Ninth, be supportive. Help him whenever he asks for it. This shows him that he matters to you, and it helps build trust between you.

    Tenth, be romantic. Make him feel special. Send flowers, send handwritten notes, and surprise him with small gifts. These gestures show him that you care about him and that you’d like to spend quality time with him.

    Eleventh, be sexy. Dress provocatively. Wear makeup and perfume. Put on lingerie and heels. Shower regularly. Do whatever it takes to turn him on.

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