How can I attract a good wife?


How can I attract a good wife? will be happy to get all sorts of information

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  1. You should start off by meeting her parents. They are important because they will help you understand whether she is right for you. Once you are sure about them, you can proceed further.

    If you want to impress her parents, you must show them respect. Do not talk bad about them or their family. Also, don’t lie to them. Tell them the truth about yourself.

    When talking to her parents, ask them questions about themselves. Ask them about their hobbies and interests. Make sure you listen carefully to what they tell you. In return, you should also share something interesting about yourself.

    Once you become friends with her parents, you can take her out for dinner. Don’t forget to bring flowers or chocolates along.

    After knowing her parents, you can now proceed to asking her father for permission to marry his daughter. He will give you his blessing once he knows that you are sincere.

    Next step is to invite her mother to your house. When you invite her mother at home, make sure you cook food that both of them enjoy eating.

    Now, you can finally propose to her. You can either write down your proposal letter or simply speak to her mom and dad together.

    Make sure you follow the above steps properly. Otherwise, she might reject you later.

    Find out what makes her happy

    If you’re looking for a good wife, you’ve got to find out what she likes. And there’s no better way than asking her directly.

    But be careful not to ask too many questions at once. Ask just enough to learn what makes her happy. Then use those answers to create a plan to help her feel happier.

    Here’s how to ask her what makes her happiest:

    1) Start off by saying something positive, like, “What makes you smile when you think about me?”

    2) Next, ask a question that lets her talk about herself. For example, say, “Tell me about yourself.”

    3) Finally, ask a question that helps you understand what makes her happy. For example, say something like, “What would make you happy right now?”

    This three-step approach works because it gives you a lot of information without being overwhelming. Plus, it shows you care about her happiness. She’ll appreciate that.

    Be honest about yourself

    If you’re looking for a good wife, be honest about who you are and what you offer. Don’t lie about your income level, job title, or marital status. Be upfront about your flaws and strengths.

    Don’t try to hide them either. Instead, share them openly. People respect honesty, especially when it comes to relationships.

    Also, be honest about your intentions. Tell her what you expect out of the relationship. This gives her the opportunity to decide whether she wants to commit to you.

    Finally, be honest about your expectations. If you’re not willing to compromise, then you shouldn’t expect her to. She may not be able to meet those expectations, but at least she knows where you stand.

    This approach works well because women tend to prefer men who are honest and straightforward. Women also appreciate men who are open and transparent. So if you’re looking for a great wife, tell her everything.

    Don’t lie

    Lying is bad. Period. And lying to yourself is worse than lying to someone else.

    If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, at least be honest with yourself. Don’t tell yourself you’re not attracted to her when you actually are. Don’t pretend you don’t need sex when you do.

    And don’t lie to yourself about being faithful. Lying to yourself makes cheating inevitable.

    When you cheat, you’re telling yourself that you deserve to cheat because you’ve been unfaithful. This is a dangerous mindset. It leads to self-destruction.

    Instead, try saying things like, “I’m attracted to her.” Or, “I need sex.” Or, “I’m not ready to commit yet.” These statements aren’t lies; they’re just truths. They help you avoid temptation.

    But most importantly, these statements keep you honest. You won’t feel guilty for wanting sex, or feeling lustful toward another woman. Instead, you’ll feel guiltless for having those feelings.

    This is important because guilt is a powerful motivator. Guilt keeps us focused on our actions rather than our thoughts. So instead of thinking about whether you should sleep with this woman, you’ll be thinking about how you can satisfy her sexually.

    Guilt helps you control your behavior. It doesn’t let you off the hook. But it does give you permission to act on your desires.

    That’s why it’s better to say things like, “I need sex,” rather than, “I shouldn’t have sex.” The latter statement implies that you’re trying to stop yourself from acting on your desire. It puts the blame on yourself.

    By contrast, the former statement gives you permission to act on the desire. It lets you take responsibility for your own actions.

    Of course, there’s no guarantee that saying things like, “My marriage is over” or “She’s too young for me” will work. But it’s worth a shot. At least you’ll be honest with yourself.