How can I make my ex miss me over text?


How can I make my ex miss me over text? looking forward to your oppinion

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  1. It’s not always about the physical attraction. Sometimes, it’s just about the emotional one. In fact, it’s quite common among couples to break up because of texts, especially if the relationship is serious.

    If you want to make him miss you, you should start texting him again. Don’t forget to keep it lighthearted. Try to talk about something interesting. Tell him how much he makes you laugh. Ask him questions about his day. And don’t stop until he starts missing you.

    Make Him Miss You Over Text

    You may be tempted to write him a long letter explaining why you broke up. But remember that if he reads it, he will definitely miss you. Instead, try writing short messages that express your feelings. Write down what you really feel. For example, tell him that you miss being together. Or maybe you miss spending time with him.

    Forget About His Ex

    Don’t worry about his ex. She won’t bother him anymore. He already moved on. Plus, she might still be mad at you. So, don’t contact her. Just focus on yourself. That way, you will also be able to avoid getting hurt.

    Give Him Space

    Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of a past lover. Especially when you were deeply in love with them. So, give him space. Let him come back to you when he feels ready. Or, you could wait until he misses you.

    Send Him/Her Messages About His/Her Existence

    Text messages are great because they’re quick, cheap, and effective. They’re also very personal. So when sending him/her a text message, be sure to include some information about his/her ex existence.

    Here are some things to consider:

    • Include details about her/his ex life, such as where she/he lives, who he/she hangs out with, etc.

    • Tell him/her about your relationship with your current partner.

    • Ask questions about his/her ex.

    • Send pictures of yourself.

    • Write about your feelings.

    • Be honest.

    If you send him/her too many texts, he/she may stop responding. But if you keep texting, eventually he/she will respond. And once he/she does, you’ll have a better chance at getting back together.

    Tell Him/Her That He/She Is The Best Person In The World

    If you’re looking for ways to make your ex miss you, here are some tips to help you out.

    1. Make him feel special.

    2. Be romantic.

    3. Send flowers.

    4. Write him a letter.

    5. Give him a gift.

    6. Call him/her.

    7. Tell him/her he/she is the best person in the world.

    8. Say thank you.

    9. Ask him/her to be your friend.

    10. Do things together.

    11. Have dinner dates.

    Ask For A Date Or Meeting

    If you’re looking to win back your ex, then you need to ask him/her out on a date or meeting. This is the most effective method of getting your ex back because he/she wants to be with you again.

    When asking for a date or meeting, remember to keep things lighthearted. Don’t take yourself too seriously and try not to sound desperate. Instead, act casual and friendly.

    Try saying something like this: “Hey babe, I was thinking we should go out sometime.” Then wait for his response. If he says yes, great! But if he doesn’t, just say, “Okay, cool!” And move on.

    Don’t forget to send flowers or chocolate when you meet up. These gestures show that you care and are willing to put effort into making things work between you two.

    Show Interest In Their Life

    Texting is great because it lets you stay connected when you’re apart. But sometimes, texting just isn’t enough.

    If you’ve been trying to reach out to your ex via text messages, but haven’t gotten anywhere, try sending them photos instead. This works especially well if you send them pictures of yourself, since most people find it hard to resist looking at attractive women.

    Another option is to send them videos. Videos are harder to ignore than photos, and they give you another opportunity to show off your personality.

    But be careful not to go overboard. Sending too many texts or videos may seem desperate, and it may scare your ex away. So keep things lighthearted and casual. And remember, if you’re going to send them a video, make sure it’s short and sweet.