How can I spice up my bedroom with my wife?


How can I spice up my bedroom with my wife? do you know any information on it?

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  1. You should definitely consider getting her something special for Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to help you pick out a gift that she’ll love.

    1. A sexy lingerie set

    Lingerie sets are great because they come in a variety of styles and colors. They also tend to be affordable and easy to buy online. Plus, they look amazing under clothes.

    2. A massage kit

    If you want to give her a relaxing night of pampering, why not treat her to a full spa day at home? Massage kits are a great way to start off your romantic evening together.

    3. An edible bouquet

    This one might sound weird, but edible flowers are actually very trendy right now. They’re beautiful and smell really nice. They’re also super cute and cost less than $10 per bunch.

    4. Dinner at a restaurant

    Dinner dates are always fun, especially if you take advantage of the opportunity to show off your cooking skills. Take her to a fancy restaurant and let her enjoy a delicious meal while you prepare it.

    5. Flowers

    Flowers are classic, but they’re still a great idea for Valentine’s. Get her a dozen red roses and tell her how much you appreciate her.

    Increase Sex Drive

    Sex drive is a funny thing. Some women say they’re not interested in sex anymore, while others find themselves getting horny at odd times.

    If you’re having trouble keeping things exciting in bed, try these tips:

    1) Get out of the house. Go somewhere where there aren’t any distractions. This may be work, school, or just hanging out with friends.

    2) Have some alone time. Don’t let anyone interrupt you when you’re trying to relax.

    3) Make yourself comfortable. Find a place that feels right to you. Maybe it’s a favorite chair or a certain pillow.

    4) Keep your mind off of work. Turn off your phone and computer. Take a walk outside. Read a book. Play a game. Anything to keep your brain occupied.

    5) Do something you’ve never done before. Try something new.

    6) Be spontaneous. Tell her you want to go to a strip club. Or take her to a hotel room and watch porn together.

    7) Give her oral sex. Oral sex is great because it doesn’t require penetration. And it makes her feel sexy.

    8) Kiss her neck. Touching her neck is a great way to show affection.

    9) Use your hands. Rub her back. Stroke her hair.

    10) Ask her what she likes. What turns her on? Does she prefer soft kisses or hard ones? Is she turned on by roughness or gentleness?

    Have More Fun Together

    If you’re married, chances are you’ve been together long enough to know that there are certain things you just don’t talk about.

    But when it comes to sex, there’s no reason not to share everything. Your spouse deserves to hear every detail of your sexual fantasies, desires, and experiences. And if you’re having trouble talking about these topics, try writing them down.

    Writing out your thoughts helps you articulate your feelings and makes it easier to discuss them with your partner. Plus, it gives you a safe place to explore your sexuality and express yourself.

    When you’re ready to share your thoughts with your partner, be honest and open. Don’t worry about being judged or criticized. Instead, simply tell her exactly what you’d like to experience.

    And remember, this isn’t just about sharing your fantasies. This is about sharing your life with each other. So keep those conversations going.

    Spice Things Up!

    If you’re married, chances are you’ve been through this already. Your spouse wants to decorate the house, but you just aren’t feeling creative.

    That’s where you come in. The key to spicing things up is to be open to ideas and willing to try out different styles and designs.

    When you’re looking at home design magazines, take note of the style and color schemes featured in each room. Then, when you go shopping for furniture, accessories, and décor items, use those same themes and colors.

    This will help you create a cohesive theme throughout the entire space. And because you’re not limited to traditional styles, you can add some unique touches that no one else would ever consider.

    For example, you can paint the walls a bright orange and hang a large painting of a sunset over the bed. Or, you can put a small table next to the bed and place a vase full of fresh flowers on top.

    These kinds of simple yet effective additions will give your bedroom a whole new feel.

    Try Some Sexy Positions

    Sexy positions are great because they’re not only sexy, but they’re also fun! Try some of these sex positions that are guaranteed to turn her on!

    1) The Missionary Position – This position is perfect for those who are just getting back into the swing of things after having kids. She lies down on top of him, facing his feet, and he enters her from behind. He holds onto her hips and she leans forward until her breasts touch his chest. Then he moves his hands to cup her breasts and gently rubs them.

    2) Doggy Style – This position is great for couples who’ve been together awhile and need to reconnect. She sits on top of him, straddling his lap, and he penetrates her from behind. He places his arms around her waist and pulls her close to him.

    3) Spooning – This position is great when you’re tired and ready to cuddle. She lays flat on her stomach and he spooned behind her. They hold each other tight and kiss.

    4) Standing Sex – This position is great if you’re feeling adventurous. Both partners stand next to each other and face away from each other. He bends over slightly and she stands behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders. She slowly slides her body forward until she’s standing between his legs. Then she lifts herself up and wraps her legs around his waist.

    5) Side-by-Side – This position is great during foreplay. She lies on her side and he kneels beside her. He kisses her neck and runs his fingers through her hair. Then he begins to lick her earlobe and nibble on her lips.

    6) Face-To-Face – This position is great at night. She lies on her back and he climbs on top of her. He presses his pelvis against hers and grinds against her.

    7) Reverse Cowgirl – This position is great in the beginning stages of a relationship. She lies on her stomach and he mounts her from behind. He grabs her hips and thrusts himself inside her.

    8) Seated Sex – This position is ideal for long sessions of sex. She lies on her tummy and he sits on her thighs. He takes off his pants and underwear and she removes her bra and panties. Then he enters her from behind and they begin to move together.

    9) 69 – This position is great to try out different sexual positions. He lies on his back and she lies on her belly. She inserts two fingers into his anus and uses them to stimulate his penis. Then she turns over and he enters her from below.

    10) Spoons – This position is great after making love. He lies on his side and she lies on her side. She puts her head on his shoulder and he strokes her breasts.

    11) The Stomach Rub – This position is great because it allows her to feel closer to him. She lies on her front and he rubs her stomach. He massages her breasts and caresses her buttocks. Then he rolls her over and continues rubbing her stomach.

    Summing up

    This article shows you how to increase your sex drive and enjoy it even better together.