How do gays train for bottoms?


How do gays train for bottoms? share your thoughts

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  1. If you want to become a bottom, it is very important to understand yourself and your desires. There is no one size fits all approach to being a bottom. Some bottoms enjoy receiving oral sex while others prefer to give it. Some bottoms enjoy anal penetration while others don’t.

    It’s also important to note that not every bottom enjoys receiving oral sex from a top. In fact, some bottoms may dislike giving head because they feel uncomfortable about it.

    So, if you’re interested in becoming a bottom, start by reading books and articles about bottoming. Try to learn about yourself and what makes you tick sexually.

    Next, talk to your partner about whether he wants to explore bottoming with you. Ask him if he’d be willing to experiment with it. Most likely, he’ll tell you “no.” But if you ask nicely enough, he might change his mind.

    When you both agree to try bottoming, it’s time to practice. Start slowly. Don’t force anything. Just let things happen naturally.

    There are three ways to practice bottoming:

    1) Have intercourse without a condom.

    2) Use a water-based lube.

    3) Practice with toys.

    Some bottoms enjoy receiving oral stimulation during intercourse. Others don’t. When you’re trying to figure out if you enjoy receiving oral sex, you should consider the following questions:

    Do you like kissing? Do you like licking? Do you like sucking? Do you like deep throating? Do you like rimming? Do you like blow jobs? Do you like giving head?


    Gay men often find themselves training for bottoming because they’re not attracted to women. They may be straight, bi-curious, or gay. Regardless, they need to learn how to give head to satisfy their partners’ needs.

    If you’ve never trained for bottoming, here’s how to prepare yourself. First, practice giving head to a pillow or stuffed animal. Then, when you feel comfortable, try giving head to a real partner. This will help you develop muscle memory and improve your technique.

    Next, experiment with different positions. Try sitting on top of your partner, kneeling behind them, lying down, standing over them, etc. The position doesn’t matter; just pick one that feels right for you. Finally, practice giving head until you’re confident enough to perform well during sex.

    The Basics

    There are two basic positions in gay sex: top and bottom. The top position is when the man lies face down on his partner and thrusts himself inside the woman. The bottom position is when the woman lies face down on her partner and thrusts herself inside him.

    Both men and women can be tops or bottoms, although most gay couples prefer to alternate between them.

    When training for bottoming, there are several things you should consider. First, you need to find a partner who enjoys being dominated. Second, you must practice safe sex. Third, you should use lube. Fourth, you should wear a condom during intercourse. Fifth, you should take breaks every 30 minutes or so. Finally, you should never assume that your partner wants to bottom because he or she may not feel comfortable telling you.

    Training Tips

    If you’re gay and looking to become a bottom, there are some things you should consider when training. First, be patient. Training takes time and patience. Second, find a partner who knows what he/she is doing. Third, remember that every man is different. Some men may need more hands than others. Fourth, don’t expect perfection right away.

    Fifth, practice safe sex. And finally, keep in mind that being a bottom isn’t just about having sex with another guy; it’s about giving pleasure too. So, if you’re interested in becoming a top, try out some of these tips.

    Final thoughts

    Training for bottoming isn’t something that’s done overnight. You need to work hard to build up muscle mass, gain strength, and learn how to use your body properly.