How do guys take hot selfies?


How do guys take hot selfies? looking forward to your oppinion

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  1. Hot selfies are one thing but taking them while wearing a condom is something else entirely. But this isn’t just about condoms; it’s also about being prepared.

    So how exactly should you prepare yourself for a hot selfie session? Well, here are three tips to help you look your best.

    1) Take Your Time

    This may sound obvious but you really don’t want to rush into anything. Remember, you’re not doing this to impress anyone. You’re doing it because you want to enjoy yourself.

    2) Don’t Overdo It

    You don’t want your photo to come off looking overly posed. That’s why you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to create a certain expression. Instead, you should focus on getting the right pose.

    3) Use A Condom

    Now, this tip might seem a little weird at first but trust me, it makes a huge difference. After all, you’re going to be putting a lot of pressure on your penis during the process. And if you’re worried about losing control, then you definitely want to protect yourself.

    That’s why you should always wear a condom. Not only will it keep you protected, but it will also ensure that you look great in every single picture.

    Take Selfies with Friends

    Selfie sticks are great tools for taking photos and videos of yourself. They’re small, portable, easy to use, and inexpensive. But most importantly, selfie sticks allow you to capture those amazing shots where you appear to be floating above the ground.

    If you’ve ever been at a party and wanted to take a photo of yourself standing next to a wall, a tree branch, or some other object, a selfie stick makes this possible.

    To take a selfie with friends, simply attach the selfie stick to your phone and hold it out in front of you. Then, point the camera lens towards your friend(s) and press record. Your friends will be able to see themselves reflected in the screen of your smartphone.

    Your friends may not realize that you’re holding a selfie stick until after you take the picture. So when you show them the photo later, they’ll be surprised to find themselves looking down at the ground instead of looking straight ahead.

    This technique works well for group pictures too. Simply stand together and hold the selfie stick in front of you. Point the camera at each person individually and press record. The result is a series of photos showing everyone smiling and looking directly at the camera.

    Another cool feature of selfie sticks is that they come equipped with lights. This allows you to create unique lighting effects in your photos. For instance, you can turn off the light on your phone and shine the light onto your face. Or you can shine the light behind you, making it seem like you’re floating above the ground.

    Be Yourself

    When taking a selfie, be yourself. Don’t try to act cool or sexy. Be natural and comfortable. The goal is to create a great photo of YOU, not some model.

    If you’re trying too hard, you won’t come across as genuine. And when you’re authentic, people will respond well to you.

    Also, avoid looking at the camera directly. Instead, look off to the side, down, or above. This creates depth and interest in your photos.

    Find a Good Light Source

    If you’re taking a selfie, you need a light source. The right lighting can make or break a great photo.

    There are two main types of lights – natural and artificial. Natural light sources include sunlight, windows, and flashlights. Artificial light sources include lamps, reflectors, and studio strobes.

    Natural light is usually preferable because it doesn’t require batteries or electricity. However, when natural light isn’t available, artificial light is often necessary.

    When shooting indoors, use a lamp or flashlight to illuminate the subject. This type of light is called fill light. To create shadows, place a white piece of paper over the lamp or flashlight.

    To add some color to your photos, use colored gels or umbrellas. Gels come in different colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and gray. Umbrellas are similar to gels, except they cover only half of the lens. They’re typically used to brighten dark areas, such as faces.

    Use these tips to improve your selfies!

    Practice Before You Shoot

    Hot selfie tips are important because they help you avoid embarrassing yourself when taking pictures of yourself.

    When taking a picture of yourself, be aware of where the camera is pointing. Don’t point the camera at your face directly unless you’re trying to capture a closeup of your eyes. Instead, aim the camera down slightly toward your chin or chest area. This helps prevent unflattering photos of your nose, ears, neck, etc., and makes you appear more attractive.

    Another tip is to practice taking selfies before shooting them. Take some test shots and see what works best for you. Then, once you’ve perfected your technique, shoot real photos.

    If you’re not comfortable taking self portraits, try posing with friends or family members. They may be willing to model for you, and you’ll learn valuable lessons about lighting, angles, and composition.


    We asked our friends what they think makes a great selfie. They had lots of great advice for how to take better pictures.