How do I attract a nerdy guy?


How do I attract a nerdy guy? Can you help me with this

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  1. Nerds are not just nerds anymore. They are now considered cool, hipster, and stylish. Nerds have become the trendsetters of the 21st century. With the rise of social media and technology, the nerd culture has evolved into something much greater than ever before. There are many reasons why nerds are becoming very attractive to women. Here are some of them.

    1. They are smart and intelligent.

    2. They are creative and artistic.

    3. They are funny and witty.

    4. They are hardworking and ambitious.

    5. They are independent and self-sufficient.

    6. They are loyal and trustworthy.

    7. They are kind and considerate.
    How do I attract a nerdy guy?

    8. They are honest and sincere.

    9. They are passionate about their interests.

    10. They are fun loving and adventurous.

    Be Honest About Yourself

    If you’re looking to attract a nerd, be honest about yourself. Don’t pretend to be a super-cool girl who loves Star Wars and Harry Potter. Nerds hate pretenders. They want real women who are smart, funny, and down to earth.

    Don’t try to act cool just because you think nerds are shallow. Instead, show them that you’re not afraid to admit that you’re a geeky girl. Show them that you’re willing to share your interests with them. And most importantly, show them that you respect them.

    Nerds are attracted to honesty. So when you talk to them, be honest about your interests and hobbies. Be open about your weaknesses and strengths. Tell them about your favorite shows, movies, books, music, sports teams, etc.

    And finally, don’t lie. Nerds hate liars. They won’t trust anyone who lies to them.

    They’ll only believe you if you tell them the truth.

    Don’t Lie about Your Age

    If you’re looking for a nerdy guy, you’ve got to be honest about your age. Don’t lie about your age because guys who lie about their age are usually lying about everything else too.

    Guys who lie about their age tend to be immature and insecure. They may not be able to handle rejection, and they often lack confidence. So when they meet women who are older than them, they feel threatened and try to prove themselves by being cool and funny. But this only makes them seem immature and insecure.

    Instead, tell him the truth. Tell him you’re just a girl who likes his style and personality. Then he’ll realize that you’re mature enough to understand his interests and accept him for who he is.

    Show Off Your Hobbies

    If you’re looking to attract nerdy guys, you need to show off your hobbies. Nerdy guys are attracted to women who share their interests. Show them that you’re interested in the same things they are, and they’ll be more open to dating you.

    Nerdy guys are often very creative, so showing off your creativity helps too. They appreciate smart, funny women who are willing to try new things. So when you’re out at a party, take pictures of yourself wearing silly hats, playing board games, or eating weird foods. Then post those photos online.

    They’ll find you irresistible!

    Include Photos That Are Nerdy

    Nerds are often overlooked when it comes to dating. They’re not very attractive, and most women just aren’t attracted to them. But there are ways to change this perception.

    First, include photos that are nerdy. Include pictures of yourself wearing glasses, holding a book, reading a comic, playing video games, or any other nerdy activity. This will help prove that you’re a nerd who likes nerdy things.
    How do I attract a nerdy guy?

    Second, be confident. Don’t try too hard to act cool, because nerds hate pretentiousness. Instead, let your natural personality shine through. Be friendly and approachable. And remember, nerds are usually shy at first, so don’t force conversation. Let them come to you.

    Finally, dress appropriately. Wear clothes that show off your nerdy side. Avoid clothing that makes you look like a slob. Also avoid clothing that makes you look overweight.

    If you’re looking for a nerdy guy, these tips should help you find him.

    In review

    Don’t just assume that men who like science fiction and fantasy books also enjoy Star Wars movies. Instead, ask him what his favorite movie is, then watch it together.

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