How do I get an Italian man?


How do I get an Italian man? will be happy to get all sorts of information

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  1. You don’t want to waste your time trying to get an Italian man. They are very picky about who they date. But if you really want to get one, just follow these steps.

    1) Find a photo of him online.

    2) Look at his eyes. They should be big and dark. If he looks tired or sad, he might not be interested.

    3) Check his teeth. He needs to have nice white teeth. If he has yellow teeth, he might be sick.

    4) Ask yourself whether you like him. If yes, great. If no, forget it.

    5) If you still like him, ask him out. Don’t wait until he asks you.

    6) Tell him why you like him.

    7) See if he likes you back.

    8) If you both like each other, kiss him.

    9) Get married.

    10) Have kids.

    Be Yourself

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    Don’t Try Too Hard

    When it comes to dating, there’s no need to try too hard. You’re already beautiful, smart, funny, and successful. So just be yourself. Don’t worry about trying to impress him with expensive gifts, fancy dinners, or extravagant dates. He doesn’t care about any of those things anyway.

    Instead, he wants to spend his time with you, not your stuff. And when you show him who you really are, he’ll fall head over heels in love with you.

    Focus on Quality over Quantity

    Quality matters. But quantity does matter too.

    If you’re looking for quality men, you need to be selective. Don’t just go after any guy who looks good. Instead, find out what he likes and what makes him tick. Then, use those qualities to attract quality guys.

    Here are some things to consider when selecting a quality man:

    • What type of person attracts you?

    • Is he masculine or feminine?

    • Does he have a sense of humor?

    • Do you share similar interests?

    • Are his values aligned with yours?

    • Can you trust him?

    • Does he respect you?

    • Does he treat women well?

    • Is he honest?

    In review

    It’s important to remember that when dating someone from another country, you’ll need to adapt your approach to suit their culture.