How do I seduce an older married man?


How do I seduce an older married man? share your thoughts

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  1. There are several reasons why older men are not interested in younger women. Some may have had bad experiences with young women while others may simply prefer mature women. Whatever the reason, older men tend to look for something different in their partners.

    Here are some tips to help you attract older men:

    1) Be confident. Older men appreciate confidence. They want to date women who are secure about themselves. Don’t worry about being beautiful; just focus on yourself and your personality.

    2) Dress appropriately. Men generally don’t care much about what you wear, but they do expect you to dress nicely. Wear nice clothes and accessories. Avoid revealing clothing.

    3) Have something interesting to talk about. Older men enjoy talking about topics such as politics, sports, travel, etc. Talk about current events and ask them questions about their interests.

    4) Show respect. Older men are looking for a respectful relationship. Treat him like he’s still single. He’ll appreciate your attitude.

    5) Make eye contact. Eye contact is important because it shows interest. Look at his eyes and smile whenever you speak to him.

    6) Listen carefully. Older men often have stories to tell. Let him finish speaking without interrupting. Ask questions to show that you’re listening.

    7) Smile. Smiling makes you appear happy and approachable. When you smile, it also helps you project positive energy.

    8) Keep your distance. Don’t come closer than 3 feet to him. Older men often like to keep a certain amount of space between them and their dates.

    9) Be honest. Tell him what you’re really thinking. Don’t lie to him. Honesty is one of the best ways to build trust.

    The first thing you need to know about dating older men is that they’re different from younger guys. They’ve been around the block a few times and they don’t really care what you look like anymore. You just need to find out what makes them tick and then use it against them.

    Older men are very picky when it comes to women. They’re looking for a woman who’s smart, funny, attractive, independent, and financially stable.

    If you want to date an older man, you must be willing to accept his limitations. He may not be able to give you the same level of affection he once did, but he still wants to feel loved. So instead of complaining about his lack of romantic interest, try to understand him and help him achieve his goals.

    Here are some tips for getting along with older men:

    1) Be honest and upfront. Older men appreciate honesty because it shows respect and maturity.

    2) Don’t expect too much. Older men aren’t interested in having sex every day, nor do they want to spend hours talking about politics and sports.

    3) Show appreciation. Older men appreciate being treated well. So show him that you value him by treating him kindly.

    4) Listen carefully. Older men often talk slowly and deliberately. So pay close attention to everything they say.

    5) Ask questions. Older men love to answer questions. So ask him questions about himself, his family, and his life.

    6) Make him laugh. Older men love to laugh. So keep things lighthearted and humorous.

    7) Keep your expectations realistic. Older men are busy working hard to support themselves and their families. So don’t expect them to take you out on dates every night.

    8) Accept his limitations. Older men are no longer young and virile. So don’t expect him to jump into bed with you right away.

    Don’t go after their money! That’s the last thing you should ever do. Older men have seen enough women trying to take advantage of them financially. So instead, focus on making him feel special. Show him that he’s still attractive by

    1) Making him feel important. Make him feel like his opinion matters. He may not be able to give you financial advice, but he can certainly share his opinions about food, travel, politics, sports, etc.

    2) Being interested in things he likes. Let him know that you’re genuinely interested in what he does and enjoys. This shows respect and makes him feel appreciated.

    3) Be honest. Don’t try to pretend to be someone you aren’t just because he’s older. And don’t lie to him either. Honesty is the most powerful tool in any relationship.

    4) Give him compliments. Tell him how beautiful he looks, how smart he is, how sexy he is, how handsome he is, how great he smells, how wonderful he cooks…you get the idea.

    5) Ask questions. Ask him about his life, family, hobbies, career, travels, interests, etc.

    6) Listen. Really listen. Don’t interrupt when he talks, let him finish his sentences, and ask open-ended questions.

    7) Compliment him. Say something positive about him. Even if it’s only “Wow, you look great today.” Or “Your hair looks amazing!”

    8) Share experiences. Talk about your own childhood memories, favorite foods, places you’ve traveled, books you’ve read, movies you’ve watched, music you’ve listened to, etc.

    9) Offer help. Help him out whenever possible. Do chores together, cook dinner, clean up, run errands, pick up dry cleaning, etc.

    10) Be grateful. Thank him for everything he does for you.

    11) Be patient. Don’t expect immediate results. Take baby steps.