How do u know if your wife is cheating?


How do u know if your wife is cheating? can you share your thoughts on this

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  1. Cheating is one of the worst sins that anyone could commit. In fact, it is considered as a sin in Islam. But, unfortunately, not every Muslim family knows about this issue. There are several signs which show that your wife is cheating on you. These signs are very common among couples. They usually face problems because of this. And, you should also check them out.

    Sign #1: She is spending much time at her friends place

    If she spends much time at her friends house, then it means that she is doing something wrong. Most likely, she is talking to her lover. You must keep an eye on her.

    Sign #2: She is always busy during night

    You might ask why she is busy during night. Well, it is true that she is working hard to earn money. But, you cannot trust her. She may be meeting her lover secretly.

    Sign #3: Her phone is always switched off

    It is obvious that she is hiding something from you. When she turns off her phone, she is trying to avoid you. That shows that she is lying.

    Sign #4: She is avoiding you

    When she avoids you, then you must take action immediately. You must talk to her. Ask her about her whereabouts.

    Sign #5: She is looking tired

    She looks tired and exhausted. That means that she is not getting enough sleep. She is under stress. She needs rest. She is not taking proper care of herself.

    Check Her Phone Records

    If you suspect your wife is cheating on you, there are several ways to find out whether she’s been unfaithful. The most obvious method is to check her phone records. This involves checking her cell phone bill and looking at recent calls made and received.

    Another option is to install a tracking app on her smartphone. These apps allow you to monitor her location and activity. Some apps even let you listen in on conversations between her and another person.

    However, these methods aren’t foolproof. They only tell you where she was and who she talked to. They won’t reveal any information about what she said during those conversations. So if you’re suspicious, you may need to ask her directly.

    Ask her outright if she’s seeing anyone else. Don’t be afraid to confront her. She may deny it, but if she admits to being unfaithful, you should take action right away. Otherwise, you risk losing trust in your relationship.

    Look For Text Messages From Other Men

    If you suspect your wife may be having an affair, there are several ways to find out. One method is to search her phone for messages sent to other men. Another is to ask her directly.

    However, if she denies any wrongdoing, then you need to consider hiring a private investigator. They’re trained professionals who use methods such as hidden cameras, surveillance equipment, and wiretaps to uncover evidence of infidelity.

    Private investigators are expensive, though, so if you decide to hire one, budget carefully. Also, keep in mind that not every PI is trustworthy. Some PIs are just looking to make quick cash off unsuspecting spouses. So be careful when selecting a PI.

    Watch Her Behavior

    If you suspect your wife is cheating, watch her behavior. Watch her when she leaves the house, where she goes, who she talks to, and what she does.

    When she comes home at night, ask questions like these:

    • Where did you go today?

    • Who were you talking to?

    • What did you do?

    • Did anyone call you?

    • What was said?

    • What did he/she say?

    • What happened after that?

    • What did she do next?

    • Did you talk again later?

    • What did happen?


    It may seem like a no-brainer to check her phone records, text messages, and other digital evidence, but sometimes even the most innocent actions could indicate infidelity.