How do you attract a man who is masculine?


How do you attract a man who is masculine? share your thoughts

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  1. You don’t. You just let him come to you.

    If he’s interested, he’ll show up. And if he shows up, chances are he’s attracted to you.

    But if he isn’t attracted to you, you won’t hear about it because he won’t tell anyone. He might not even realize he’s not attracted to you.

    That’s why you should never chase a man. Never ask him out. Don’t text him. Don’t call him. Don’ t approach him at bars. Don’t stalk him. Don’ not follow him.

    Just leave him alone.

    And if he still wants to talk to you, great! But if he doesn’t, you don’t want to force yourself on him.

    So next time you meet a nice guy, don’t push him away. Let him come to you. And if he does, you’ll both benefit.

    The Importance of Masculinity Traits

    Masculine traits include being confident, assertive, and independent. These characteristics help men stand out in a crowd and attract women.

    Women find these qualities attractive because they’re associated with strength and power. Men who exhibit these traits tend to be successful at work and in life.

    Men who lack masculinity traits are often insecure and feel inadequate. They may try too hard to impress others, which makes them appear weak and unconfident.

    When you meet a man who exhibits masculine traits, he’s usually confident and self-assured. He doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. He knows his worth and isn’t afraid to show it.

    He’s not needy and never feels the need to apologize for his actions. He takes responsibility for his mistakes and learns from them. He’s strong enough to admit when he needs help.

    If you want to attract a man who exhibits masculine characteristics, you must learn to act like him. Learn to take control of situations and speak confidently. Be direct and honest. Don’t worry about offending others.

    Don’t let yourself become intimidated by powerful men. Instead, use your feminine intuition to understand what makes them tick. Then emulate those traits.

    Why Men Are Attracted To Women Who Have Masculine Traits

    Men are attracted to women who have feminine traits because those traits signal fertility and health. They’re drawn to women who are nurturing and caring because they feel safe and secure when surrounded by these qualities.

    When men meet women with masculine traits, however, they often find them threatening. This is because masculinity signals strength and independence. These traits may be perceived as dangerous and intimidating.

    This fear is called the “fight or flight response.” The fight or flight response causes men to become aggressive and protective towards women who display masculine traits.

    Women who possess masculine traits are therefore seen as untrustworthy and potentially violent.

    To avoid this negative perception, women should try to appear more feminine. This includes dressing modestly, wearing makeup, and acting demure.

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    How Do You Know If A Man Is Attracted To You?

    There are many ways to tell if a man is attracted to you. One way is to observe his body language. Another way is to watch him when he talks to others. Yet another way is to notice whether he looks at you when talking to others.

    If he doesn’t look at you, chances are he isn’t interested in dating you. But if he does look at you, there’s a good chance he’s interested in you.

    Of course, this only works if you’re not shy. So be bold and ask him out!

    To summarise

    It’s important to understand why men are attracted to feminine women and how to become more masculine so you can attract the kind of man you’ve always wanted.