How do you know a good woman?


How do you know a good woman? help me find the answer

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  1. A good woman is one who loves her family, respects herself, honors God, and treats others with kindness and respect. She is not afraid to speak her mind, she knows how to laugh at herself, and she accepts responsibility for her actions. A good woman is honest about her feelings and desires, and she is willing to share them with you.

    She is kind, compassionate, loving, forgiving, and understanding. She is not judgmental, critical, or self-centered. She is not afraid of commitment because she understands that true love isn’t just about romance; it’s also about friendship, loyalty, honesty, trust, and support.

    She is modest and humble, yet confident enough to stand tall without being arrogant. She is respectful of authority, and she is loyal to friends and family. She is generous with her time and resources, and she gives freely of both.

    She is always ready to help others, especially children. She is independent, strong, and secure, yet she never takes anything for granted. She is intelligent, creative, and spiritually minded, and she believes in living life to the fullest.

    A good woman is beautiful inside and out. She is smart, funny, and fun to be with. She is attractive, but she doesn’t let looks define her. She is feminine, but she is not weak. She is sexy, but she is not vulgar. She is classy, but she is not stuffy. She is sophisticated, yet she is not pretentious.

    She is a great listener, and she makes a great companion. She is supportive, encouraging, and nurturing. She is faithful, and she is trustworthy. She is passionate about life, and she is enthusiastic about learning. She is thoughtful, caring, and considerate. She is a wonderful mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, grandparent, teacher, coach, mentor, and friend.

    You may not agree with every word above, but if you read it carefully, you should be able to recognize yourself in it. That’s because it describes a woman who is truly worthy of being loved.

    Don’t fall for her looks

    If she’s beautiful, chances are she’s not interested in you. She may be looking for a man who makes her feel safe and secure.

    She wants a guy who will take care of her, protect her, and give her everything she needs. So when you’re meeting women online, pay close attention to her body language. Does she seem nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable? Is she smiling too much?

    Does she appear to be flirting with you? If so, she’s most likely playing hard to get. And if she seems to be attracted to you, she’s definitely not interested in you.

    On the other hand, if she appears relaxed and comfortable, she’s probably just being friendly. But if she doesn’t seem interested at all, there’s no point in pursuing her further.

    She’ll probably lie about her age

    Women tend to lie about their ages because they’re afraid of being judged based on their looks. They may say they’re younger than they actually are, or older than they are.

    But women who tell the truth about their age usually get better treatment. So when interviewing a prospective employee, ask them about their age. Don’t be surprised if they lie about it. But if she tells you she’s older than she really is, give her the benefit of the doubt. She probably just wants to work at your company.

    She may try to play hardball with you

    If she tries to play hardball with me, I’m going to call her out on it. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. And I won’t let her walk all over me.

    That’s because women who treat men badly are not worth being friends with. They’re just looking for a free ride. So when they try to play hardball, I tell them straight up, “No thanks.”

    And I mean no matter what they say or do. No matter how many times they ask me to go back to their place after we’ve had sex, or how many times they beg me to come home with them, or how many times I hear them complain about their boyfriends, husbands, exes, or whatever.

    I’m never going back there again.

    Women who treat men badly are just looking for a free pass. So when they try playing hardball, I tell ’em straight up, “No Thanks!”

    And I mean no maters what they say or do, or how many times we hook up, or how many times she begs me to come home with her, or how many times he complains about his girlfriend, wife, husband, or whatever.

    They’re never gonna get another date from me.

    Women who treat guys badly are just looking for free rides. So when they try hardballing, I tell ’em right up front, “No thanks!”

    And I mean, no matter what they say, or do, or how often they beg me to come back to their place after sex, or how many nights they sleep at my house, or how many times their boyfriends, husbands or exes complain about them, I’m never going back there ever again.

    Women who abuse men are just looking for a break. So when they try harrasing me, I tell ’em flat out, “No thanks!” And I mean, no matter how many times they beg, or how many times you cry, or how many times your boyfriend, husband, or ex complains about you, I’m never going anywhere near you again.

    Women who mistreat men are just looking for free passes. So when they try bullying me, I tell ‘im straight up, “No thank you!”

    And I mean it, no matter what they do, or how many dates we have, or how many times my boyfriend, husband, or boyfriend complains about you, I am NEVER going back there again. Women who mistreat men are looking for free rides.

    Final note

    Women aren’t always what they seem. So if you find yourself falling for someone who seems like a great catch, take this advice from a guy who knows better than anyone else.