How do you know if a Chinese guy likes you?


How do you know if a Chinese guy likes you? share your thoughts

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  1. If he says he loves you, that’s great. But don’t take his words at face value. Ask him about his feelings.

    Chinese culture values relationships based on respect and trust. In China, it’s considered rude to ask directly whether a man likes you. Instead, you should observe his behavior toward you. He may show affection through touching or kissing you. Or he might give you gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, or tickets to a movie.

    If he gives you gifts, keep them until you talk again. Don’t let him pressure you to return the favor immediately.

    When you’re ready to speak, tell him how much you appreciate his kindness. And remember, it’s okay to express gratitude without reciprocating.

    You never want to appear needy or desperate. Be confident in yourself and your relationship.

    Body Language

    Chinese guys are notoriously hard to understand because they speak in short sentences and use body language instead of words. So when you’re trying to figure out whether he likes you, just watch his body language.

    If he leans toward you, smiles at you, touches you, or gives you a hug, he likes you. But if he keeps looking away, turns his back to you, or acts distant, he doesn’t like you.

    To be fair, this isn’t true for everyone. Some men prefer women who are shy and reserved. However, most Chinese guys like confident women who aren’t afraid to show interest.

    And remember, if you’re not interested in him, he won’t feel comfortable showing you any affection. He may even become angry and hurtful. So if he shows you signs of liking you, take advantage of them!

    Facial Expressions

    Chinese guys often use facial expressions to communicate emotions. They’re not just limited to happy faces; they can be angry, sad, surprised, confused, etc.

    When a Chinese guy smiles at you, he means he likes you. He may smile because he thinks you’re cute, or because he wants to flirt with you.

    However, when a Chinese guy frowns, he doesn’t mean he hates you. He may be mad at you, or frustrated with you.

    If you want to know whether a Chinese guy likes you, you need to pay close attention to his facial expressions.

    Here are some examples of Chinese men’s facial expressions:

    Choosing Words

    When writing online dating messages, you need to be careful not to sound too desperate. This is especially true when communicating with women who may be looking for a long term relationship.

    Women tend to respond better to men who seem interested in them than those who appear only interested in sex. So, instead of saying things like “I’m just here for some casual flirting”, say things like “I’d love to meet you sometime”.

    This subtle change in wording makes it sound like you’re interested in meeting her for a date, rather than just having sex. Women appreciate this approach because it shows interest in them, and it gives them confidence that you won’t disappear after she rejects you.

    Also, avoid using words like “love” and “forever” in your online dating messages. These words are often used by guys who aren’t serious about finding a partner. Instead, use words like “friendship” and “companionship.”

    If you’re still unsure whether a woman wants to go out with you, ask her directly. Say something like, “Hey, would you ever consider going out with me?”. Then wait for her response. If she says no, there’s nothing wrong with asking again later. But if she says yes, you’ve got yourself a date!


    It’s important to understand how to read someone else’s mind when communicating with them. This will give you insight into their personality and allow you to better connect with them.