How do you know if a Persian man likes you?


How do you know if a Persian man likes you? share your thoughts

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  1. Persian men are very romantic and passionate about their relationships. They are usually very loyal and faithful to their wives and girlfriends. But at times, they may also cheat on them. In such cases, they don’t want to lose their girlfriend/wife because they value her feelings and emotions.

    If he shows his affection towards you, then you should reciprocate him. He might be shy to express his feeling and thoughts openly, but he wants to show his true feelings to you.

    He may not talk much, but he always listens to you carefully. He is a kind hearted person and loves spending time with you.

    You can tell if he likes you by his actions. He may touch you gently and caress you softly. He may hug you tightly and kiss you passionately.

    He may give you gifts like flowers, chocolates, etc., which he thinks will please you.

    He may take care of you and look after you. He may spend quality time with you.

    He may call you frequently and ask you about your day. He may listen to your problems patiently.

    He may share his feelings with you. He may confide in you about his personal issues.

    He may support you in difficult situations.

    He may accompany you to parties, events, and places.

    He may compliment you and shower praises on you.

    Do You Know His Interests?

    Persian men are very different than Western men. They’re not interested in sports, cars, or gadgets. Instead, they’re focused on family, friends, and community. So when dating a Persian man, it’s important to understand his interests and values.

    If he loves basketball, then you should play basketball too. If he enjoys gardening, then you need to learn how to garden. And if he loves fishing, then you should take him fishing.

    When you know his interests, you’ll be able to better connect with him and share common ground. This makes it easier to build trust and develop a relationship.

    And once you’ve built trust, you’ll be able create deeper connections. These connections lead to lasting relationships, which leads to marriage.

    Does He Talk About Himself Often?

    Persian men often talk about themselves. They’re proud of who they are and what they’ve accomplished. So when a Persian man talks about himself, he usually does so in a positive light.

    If he doesn’t talk about himself often, there’s a reason. Perhaps he feels insecure about his accomplishments or thinks he needs to hide them because he fears being judged negatively.

    When a Persian man talks about his achievements, he may say things like:

    • “I’m a successful businessman.”

    • “I own several businesses.”

    • “My company makes millions every year.”

    • “I’m a great cook.”

    • Or any number of other statements that indicate he’s proud of his accomplishments.

    But if he doesn’t talk about his accomplishments, there’s a reason too. Maybe he’s embarrassed about them, or maybe he just doesn’t feel comfortable talking about himself.

    Either way, this is a red flag. It means he isn’t interested in getting to know you. And it’s important to note that not talking about yourself is common among women. But it’s rare among men.

    To find out if a Persian man likes me, I ask him questions about himself. Then I listen carefully to his answers. If he talks about himself frequently, I assume he likes me. Otherwise, I move on.

    Is He Attracted To You?

    Persian men are attracted to women who are confident, intelligent, attractive, and successful. They’re looking for a woman who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

    If he doesn’t respond well to your direct approach, try indirect flirting techniques. This includes subtle hints, compliments, and small talk. Persians appreciate humor and witty banter. So keep things lighthearted and playful.

    When you flirt, be careful not to overdo it. Don’t come off too needy or desperate. Be yourself and let him decide whether he wants to pursue you further.

    Also, remember that a lot of Iranian men are very traditional. So when you flirt, be aware that some may find it inappropriate. If this happens, just smile and say nothing.

    Don’t worry if he seems distant at first. Persians often take time to warm up to strangers. But once they’ve gotten to know you, they become extremely loyal friends.

    Finally, don’t forget to practice safe sex. Persians are known for being sexually active, especially during Ramadan. So be extra cautious.