How do you make a guy go crazy about you?


How do you make a guy go crazy about you? help me find the answer

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  1. You should always remember that the best thing about yourself is not something you can show off to others. People don’t care about your looks, your personality, or anything else. They just want to know you are nice enough to talk to them.

    So, if you want to make him go crazy about you, you must be nice to him. He will definitely fall in love with you if he feels that you are kind to him.

    If you want to make him mad at you, you must be rude to him. Don’t ever forget that he is human too and he may react in different ways. But, if you treat him nicely, he will never leave you.

    He will also start liking you more and more if you are polite and respectful towards him. So, if you want to win his heart, you must be polite and considerate towards him.

    Here are some tips which might help you to attract a guy easily:

    1) Be Polite.

    2) Be Respectful.

    3) Be Kind.

    4) Be Considerate.

    5) Be Funny.

    6) Be Attractive.

    Be yourself

    If you’re not comfortable being yourself, then who would be?

    That’s right — nobody. So stop trying to be somebody else and just be yourself. People will notice and appreciate you for who you are. They won’t care what you look like, where you went to school, or whether you’re rich or poor. They only care about themselves.

    They’ll respect you because you’ve earned their trust. And when you earn their trust, you’ll become irresistible.

    Don’t try too hard

    If you’re trying too hard to impress guys, you’ll come off as desperate and needy. Don’t be afraid to let them down gently. Guys hate being rejected, especially when they’ve been burned once already.

    Instead, be yourself. Be genuine. Show interest in him. And most importantly, don’t try too hard.

    Let him know what he means to you

    There are two ways to let a man know he means something special to you. One is through words, and the other is through actions.

    Words are important because they tell a man what you’re thinking and feeling. Actions show a man that you care and appreciate his efforts. Both are equally effective, but there’s no harm in trying either method.

    If you want to use words, try saying things like “you mean the world to me.” Or, “I’m glad we found each other.” These statements are simple, yet powerful. They convey exactly what you feel and give the impression that you value this person.

    On the flip side, if you want to show action, try saying things like, “I’ve been waiting for you forever!” or “I can’t wait until we spend some quality time together.” This shows that you’re excited about being with him and makes him feel appreciated.

    Either way, be careful not to overdo it. Saying too many words or taking too long to say them may come off as needy or desperate. And showing too much enthusiasm may seem fake or forced. The goal is to express yourself clearly and honestly.