How do you make a hookup fun?


How do you make a hookup fun? looking forward to the answers from the community

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  1. Hookups are not always fun. They can be awkward, uncomfortable, and downright awful. But don’t worry because there are ways to make them less painful.

    First off, you should never expect anything from a hookup. When you set expectations, you put yourself at risk for disappointment.

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    Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More Information

    If you’re looking for a casual relationship, be careful not to ask too many questions right off the bat. This is because most men are afraid to ask women out who aren’t interested in them. They feel like they’ve been rejected when they haven’t. So instead, try asking open-ended questions that allow her to talk freely about herself.

    This helps you learn more about her interests, personality, hobbies, and values. Then, when she feels comfortable enough to share more information, you can decide whether you’d like to pursue a date.

    Also, avoid asking personal questions at this stage. Instead, keep the conversation light and fun. Don’t go overboard with flirting or sexual innuendo. And remember, you should never pressure anyone to sleep with you.

    Do You Have A Safe Sex Practice?

    If you’re looking for a casual relationship, you need to be safe. Here are some tips to keep things fun and healthy.

    1) Be honest. Tell her exactly where you stand sexually. Don’t try to hide your desires or lack thereof. This makes her feel comfortable and she’ll trust you more.

    2) Be respectful. Show her respect by being considerate and thoughtful. She wants to know you care about her feelings.

    3) Be open. Let her know when you’re interested in having sex. Ask her out, tell her you’d like to go further than just kissing.

    4) Be careful. Make sure you use protection. Condoms are great because they protect against STDs, pregnancy, and unwanted pregnancies.

    5) Be clean. Wash your hands after touching yourself and before you touch her. Use soap and water.

    6) Be prepared. Bring lube and condoms. Lube helps prevent friction during intercourse, and condoms help prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

    7) Be patient. Relationships take time. Give her space and let her come to you.

    8) Be romantic. Send flowers, send sexy texts, surprise her with gifts. These small gestures show her you care.

    9) Be affectionate. Hug her, kiss her, hold her hand. Touching shows her you care.

    10) Be playful. Play games together. Watch movies together. Do silly things together.

    11) Be spontaneous. Surprise her with a trip to the beach, a day at the amusement park, dinner at a fancy restaurant.

    Know When To Say No

    If you’re not careful, you may end up getting hooked on dating apps. But you shouldn’t let yourself be sucked into this trap.

    Instead, use these tips to help you say no when you need to.

    1) Don’t feel obligated to go out with anyone who asks you out.

    2) Be honest with yourself about whether you’re interested in going out with them.

    3) Ask yourself if you’d actually enjoy being with this person.

    4) If you decide you would enjoy being with this person, ask yourself if you’re ready to date.

    5) If you decide you aren’t ready to date yet, tell him/her that you just aren’t feeling it right now.

    6) If you still feel like you should go out with this person, tell him/her you appreciate his/her interest, but you just aren’t ready to date at this point.

    7) Remember that everyone makes mistakes. So if you mess up, own up to it and apologize.

    8) Never give out personal information online unless you’re comfortable sharing it.

    9) Always keep your phone number private.

    10) Keep your social media accounts private.

    Wrapping up

    It’s important to know what you’re looking for when you go out with someone new. But don’t let fear stop you from asking questions and taking risks.