How do you make your wife want you back?


How do you make your wife want you back? hope to find the answer here

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  1. Wives are always looking for ways to make their husbands want them back. But, the truth is, there’s nothing really wrong with him. He just needs to change his attitude towards her. Here are some tips to help you win her heart back again.

    1. Be honest about yourself

    Being honest is one of the best traits a husband can possess. When he tells her that she is beautiful, he shows her that he loves her. She feels appreciated. And, she starts loving herself. Being honest also makes him look at himself and realize that he needs to change his behavior.

    2. Show appreciation

    When he appreciates her, she knows that he cares about her. That’s what matters. Appreciate her for being the wonderful wife that she is. Tell her that you appreciate her for doing such great things. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

    3. Don’t criticize her

    Criticism is not something that wives enjoy hearing. They don’t like it when their husbands tell them that they’re not doing anything right. Criticizing her makes her feel bad. Instead of criticizing her, compliment her. Say that she looks amazing, or that she’s doing a great job. These compliments make her feel special.

    4. Be romantic

    Romance is very important in every relationship. Husbands should show their wives that they care about them. Romantic gestures are the best way to do that. Send flowers, give her gifts, take her out to dinner, etc.

    5. Be patient

    Patience is a virtue. Wives need patience to deal with their husbands’ mood swings. Their husbands may become angry or upset because of stress. Try to understand why he is acting the way he is and let him cool down.

    Be Romantic

    Romance is not just for Valentine’s Day. Be romantic every day!

    There are many ways to be romantic. Here are some tips:

    • Send flowers. Flowers are inexpensive and show your appreciation. They’re also a great conversation starter.

    • Write her a letter. Letters are timeless and personal. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note.

    • Take her out to dinner. Dining out shows you care enough to spend quality time together.

    • Give her a gift. Gifts are thoughtful and memorable. Choose something she’ll use often or that she’ll appreciate.

    • Surprise her. Surprises are unexpected and fun. Make it special by planning ahead and being creative.

    • Do something sweet. Sweet gestures are appreciated and remembered.

    • Show her you care. Tell her how much you value her. Let her know how important she is to you.

    • Say thank you. Thanking her for everything she does makes her feel valued.

    • Treat her well. Treating her right helps build trust and respect.

    • Buy her things. Buying gifts for her shows you care. She’ll remember the gesture forever.

    Show Her You Care

    If you’re married, chances are you’ve been through this before. Your spouse wants to be loved, respected, appreciated, and cared for. But sometimes she just doesn’t feel those things. She may not understand why you need space, or why you need to work late hours at the office. Or maybe she feels neglected when you spend too much time away from home.

    But there’s no reason to let her go cold turkey. Instead, show her you care by making small gestures every day. They don’t have to be expensive gifts or romantic dinners out. Even simple acts of kindness can help rekindle the spark between you two.

    Here are some ideas:

    • Send flowers or a card once a week.

    • Call her every night after dinner.

    • Take her out for coffee or lunch once a month.

    • Give her a foot massage.

    • Buy her a gift certificate to a spa.

    • Write her a letter telling her how much you appreciate her.

    • Leave notes around the house saying you love her.

    • Make her favorite meal for dinner.

    • Surprise her with a special treat.

    Give Her Something She Wants

    When you’re trying to win back your wife, you need to give her something she wants. And that means giving her sex.

    Women crave sex. They crave it every day, all day long. So when you’re trying to win her back, you should be thinking about ways to give her some sexual pleasure.

    There are many things you can do to give her pleasure. Here are just a few ideas:

    * Give her flowers. Flowers are romantic and feminine. Women love them.

    * Take her out dancing. Dancing is sexy. Men love women who dance well.

    * Make her breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is delicious and intimate.

    * Buy her lingerie. Lingerie makes her feel beautiful.

    * Get her a massage. Massages are relaxing and sensual.

    * Treat her to dinner at a restaurant. Restaurants are romantic and elegant.

    * Plan a special date night. Date nights are romantic and memorable.

    * Surprise her with jewelry. Jewelry is feminine and classy.

    * Do whatever it takes to make her happy. Women love men who care about them.

    Do Things That Will Help Her Feel Good About Being with You Again

    There are many things you can do to help her feel better about being with you again. Here are some ideas:

    1) Be honest and transparent. Tell her exactly what happened and be willing to accept responsibility for your actions.

    2) Don’t blame her for any problems. She may not understand why she feels hurt, angry, or sad when you’re not there. But blaming her won’t change those feelings. Instead, try to figure out why she feels this way.

    3) Show her that you care. Do small things like sending flowers, calling her, or writing her a note. This shows her that you value her friendship and that you still want to spend time together.

    4) Make her laugh. Laughter is contagious. So find ways to make her smile. Play games, watch funny videos, tell jokes, sing songs, dance, or just talk about silly stuff.

    5) Spend quality time together. Take walks, go shopping, cook dinner, play board games, or watch movies together. These activities show her that you still enjoy spending time with her.

    6) Give her space. Let her cry, yell, or vent without trying to fix everything right away. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to work through these emotions.

    7) Ask her questions. Find out what makes her happy and what makes her unhappy. Then use that information to plan future dates.

    8) Listen carefully. Pay attention to what she says and does. Notice whether she seems happier or sadder after talking to friends or family members.

    9) Be patient. Some women take longer than others to forgive you. And sometimes they never fully recover. But if you truly want to win her back, you need to be patient and keep working at it.

    10) Remember that she wants to feel loved and cared for. So give her the gift of your undivided attention.

    11) Don’t expect too much too soon. Your relationship isn’t going anywhere. So don’t rush into making plans for marriage or kids. Wait until she’s ready.


    This article gives you some great ideas on how to win your wife’s heart again.