How do you meet people as a single parent?


How do you meet people as a single parent? share your thoughts

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  1. As a single parent myself, I understand the challenges of meeting people online. Luckily, technology has come a long way. There are now several great websites and apps that help parents connect with others. Here are my top picks for connecting with other single parents.

    This website helps you create groups based on interests. For example, if you want to join a group of moms, you simply search for mom meetups near you. Once you find one, you can sign up right away. Meetup also offers free events for kids and teens.


    If you prefer to keep things casual, check out Grindr. Like Tinder, Grindr lets you browse nearby users and swipe left or right to decide whether you want to chat. Unlike Tinder, however, you don’t have to pay to access Grindr. Instead, you must pay $0.99 per month to become a premium user. Premium users can view profile information, send messages, and receive notifications about new activity.


    Another site similar to Tinder, PlentyofFish is designed specifically for adults looking for romance. Similar to Tinder, Plentyoffish allows you to search for potential partners within a certain radius. While you won’t find anyone at the exact location you specify, you may find someone close enough to make a date happen.


    This dating site is geared toward college students and young professionals. OkCupid gives you the opportunity to write a short bio about yourself and upload three to six photos. Your photo choices include headshots, full body shots, and a mix of both. After you fill out the form, you can start browsing other users. When you find someone you like, you can click on his/her picture to learn more about them. is a classic dating site. With Match, you can search for a variety of different types of relationships including marriage, friendship, and romance. You can also filter your searches by age, ethnicity, religion, and education level.

    It’s important to note that not every single parent uses every single dating app available. Some single parents prefer to stick with friends and family while others prefer to stay anonymous. Ultimately, it depends on what kind of relationship you seek and what type of support system you have.

    Be open about what you’re looking for

    If you’re a single parent who wants to find friends, you need to be open about what you’re seeking. Don’t hide behind a screen name or pretend you’re not interested in meeting others. Be honest about what you’re looking to accomplish and what you hope to gain from meeting new people.

    When you’re ready to connect online, use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share information about yourself and your interests. Then, when you encounter someone interesting, introduce yourself and ask them out for coffee or lunch.

    This approach works because people are naturally curious about each other. They’re also eager to help others succeed, especially those who seem genuine and friendly. So, if you’re willing to put in some effort, you’ll soon find plenty of people who would be happy to meet you.

    Don’t expect too much

    If you’re a single parent, you may be surprised at how many people assume you’re rich. They ask you where you got the money to pay for everything. Or they offer to help out because they feel sorry for you.

    But being a single parent doesn’t mean you need to give away your hard-earned cash. Instead, use it wisely. Spend it on things that matter most to you and your family. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Look for common ground

    When meeting people, try to find common ground. What do you have in common? Are you both parents? Do you share similar interests? Is there some topic that you both care about?

    If you’re looking to meet people online, consider joining groups on social media sites where you can connect with others who share your interests.

    Once you’ve found a group you’d like to join, search for members within the group. Look for people who seem friendly and approachable. Ask them questions about themselves and their lives.

    Then, when you feel comfortable enough, introduce yourself and ask them out for coffee or lunch.


    Meeting people as a single parent isn’t always easy, but with patience and persistence, you’ll find someone who shares your values and interests.