How do you spice up a guy on text?


How do you spice up a guy on text? looking forward to the answers from the community

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  1. Texting is one of the easiest ways to communicate with a stranger online. But it can also be a very awkward thing to do, especially if you don’t know them well enough to start talking about real topics. That’s why it’s important to learn how to talk dirty to a guy on text.

    If you want to turn him on, you should definitely keep his mind occupied while he’s busy thinking about you. To achieve that, you should tell him something sexy, funny, or just plain interesting.

    You can also ask him questions about himself and his interests. For example, you could ask him which type of music he listens to, whether he prefers watching movies or reading books, or what kind of food he eats.

    Once you get him interested, you can continue to flirt with him by telling him that you’re attracted to him. Tell him that you’d love to kiss him right now, or that you’d really enjoy getting naked together.

    Keep flirting with him until he starts asking you out. Once he asks you out, you can decide whether you want to accept or decline his invitation.

    Texting Tips: The Basics

    When texting guys, there are some basic rules you should be aware of. First, avoid sending too many texts at once. This makes them feel ignored and may cause them to stop responding altogether. Second, send short messages. Don’t try to cram everything you want to say into one text. Instead, break down your thoughts into multiple shorter messages. Third, use emojis. They’re great because they add emotion to your text. Fourth, keep things lighthearted. Guys hate being made to feel bad. So when you’re writing to him, don’t take yourself too seriously.

    Lastly, remember that he wants to hear from you. He doesn’t want to feel like you’re ignoring him. So don’t ignore him. And if he ignores you back, just move on.

    Texting Tips #2: How to Turn Him Into A Sex Machine

    If you’ve ever been out with a group of friends, you may have noticed that some guys seem to be able to turn any girl into a sex machine. They’re smooth talkers who know exactly what to say at the right moment to make her feel sexy and desirable.

    They’re not just smooth talkers; they’re also great conversationalists. They know how to keep a conversation going and never run out of things to say. And when they’re done talking, they ask questions, listen intently, and show interest in everything she says.

    These guys are masters of seduction because they understand women. They know what turns them on and how to use those feelings to their advantage.

    And there’s no better place to learn these skills than online dating sites. The Internet is full of men looking for dates, and many of them are willing to pay handsomely for a woman who knows how to turn him into a sex machine.

    Here are three tips to help you become a master of seduction.

    Texting Tips 3: How To Spice Up A Guy On Text

    If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, texting tips may be just what you need.

    Whether you’re trying to spice things up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you’re simply looking to add some excitement to your sex life, these tips will help you spice things up.

    1) Be spontaneous. Don’t wait until he asks you out to go on a date. Instead, surprise him with a romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant. Or take him shopping and let him pick out a gift for you.

    2) Use your imagination. Tell him you’ve been thinking about him all day long. Ask him what he would like to hear when he calls you later.

    3) Keep it lighthearted. Try not to overthink things. Let yourself laugh. Have fun. And most importantly, keep it playful.

    4) Make it personal. Send him a sweet note telling him how beautiful he looks today. Then send another one saying that you wish you were there right now.

    5) Give him a compliment. He’ll appreciate hearing that you find him attractive. Plus, it will give you a great opportunity to tell him exactly what you’d like to hear when he talks dirty to you.

    6) Show off your assets. Let him admire your body. Take pictures of yourself naked. Then show them to him.

    7) Play hard to get. Tell him that you’re going out tonight. But leave him guessing where you’re going.

    8) Say yes. Yes means yes. No means no. So say yes to everything. Even if it seems silly.

    9) Get physical. Kiss him passionately. Touch him intimately. Rub your hands along his back.

    10) Talk dirty. Tell him what you’d like to do to him. What turns you on. What you’d like to do next time you see each other.


    This article teaches you how to spice up a guy on texting by using some basic tips.