How do you tell if he is looking for a serious relationship?


How do you tell if he is looking for a serious relationship? can you help me with this question

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  1. If you want to know whether he is looking for a long term relationship or not, you should look at his profile picture and ask yourself if he looks happy. Also, if he has a lot of friends, he might just be looking for hookups.

    You should also check his bio, which tells you about him. If he talks about his career, hobbies, etc., he might be looking for something serious. But if he talks about partying and drinking, he might just be interested in casual sex.

    Also, don’t forget to take a look at his Instagram account. He could be posting selfies of himself while hanging out with friends or maybe taking a selfie with a cute dog. These posts usually give away his personality and interests.

    He doesn’t ask about your past relationships

    If he asks you about your past relationships, chances are he isn’t interested in a long term relationship. He wants to be able to meet you at any moment, and he doesn’t care who you’ve been dating previously.

    That means he’s not going to spend his time asking questions about your previous boyfriends or girlfriends. Instead, he’ll just assume you’re available whenever he needs you.

    And if he does ask about your past relationships, there’s no need to lie. Tell him the truth, because he won’t believe you anyway.

    Instead, keep things lighthearted and casual. Don’t bring up your exes unless he brings them up himself. And when he does, simply say, “Oh yeah, we broke up.” Then change the subject.

    He never asks how many dates you’ve had before

    If he doesn’t ask you out after two dates, chances are he isn’t interested in dating you. He may be too busy working, traveling, or otherwise preoccupied to date. Or maybe he just wants to take things slow. Either way, there’s no need to rush him.

    But if he does ask you out after two or three dates, he’s definitely interested in dating you. And if he continues asking you out after four or five dates, he’s clearly very interested in dating you. So when should you stop asking him out?

    When he stops asking you out.

    He always wants to know what you’re doing next weekend

    If he asks you what you’re doing this weekend, does he mean it? Or is he just trying to find out when you’re free to hang out?

    When men ask me what I’m doing this weekend, I usually assume he means it. But sometimes, I’m not sure. So I ask him directly. Here’s what I say:

    “Hey, what are you doing this weekend?”

    Then I wait. And wait. And wait some more.

    Sometimes he answers right away. Sometimes he doesn’t answer at all.

    Either way, I’m still waiting.

    And I keep asking until either he tells me what he’s doing or we agree to meet up.

    This works because it gives me a chance to gauge his intentions. If he says yes, great. We’ve got plans. If he says no, I respect his decision. Either way, I’m happy.

    Now, let’s talk about women.

    Women often ask me what I’m planning to do after work. They seem to be confused by my response.

    They ask me what I’m going to do tonight.

    Or tomorrow night.

    He never makes plans with you

    If he doesn’t plan things out ahead of time, he isn’t interested in being with you. He may be too busy or not ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

    That said, there are some signs that indicate he wants to date you seriously. Here are three ways to tell if he’s looking for a serious relationship:

    In nut shell

    If you notice these signs, then he probably isn’t interested in a long term relationship.