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  1. Justin Combs and Saweetie have been dating since early 2019. The couple made their relationship official with a series of posts on Instagram. They have remained fairly quiet about the details of their romance but it appears that things are going strong between them. In early 2020, the two were spotted attending the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party together and seemed very much in love. Justin even posted a sweet birthday message for Saweetie on her 24th birthday. Reports suggest that the couple is still happily together after over a year of being an item.

    Justin Combs and Saweetie

    Justin Combs and Saweetie have been a couple since 2016. Justin is an American singer, songwriter and actor, while Saweetie is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Her stage name comes from the slang term “sweetie,” which she adopted in college because of her naturally sweet personality.

    Since then they have been on quite a journey in their relationship, mixing their endeavors as active musicians in some really cool collaborations. From music singles to magazine covers to appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ show together – They have done it all.

    Fans get a front-row seat to their incredible love story with the debut of Cannon & Co’s first project – “Back 2 Love” starring Saweetie and Justin Combs. Clicking through chapters of footage that captures romantic moments between the two can be viewed today!

    It’s hard to say how long they will remain together, but it sure looks like they are loving every moment!

    The Dating History of the Two Celebrities

    Justin Combs and Saweetie have been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2018. Their dating history is full of ups and downs, breakups, and makeups—and it’s not over yet!

    The two started their love affair when they were seen at a Grammy party in January 2018. They were spotted together again at a Nets game in March of that year. Then things got serious when Combs moved to Los Angeles in May to be closer to Saweetie. In July, the two were spotted out on a romantic dinner date at Nobu in Malibu.

    However, by August they had called it quits and unfollowed each other on social media. But this split wasn’t permanent as the couple was spotted out together once again in November 2018—this time attending a red carpet event and looking happier than ever! And since then, Justin Combs and Saweetie have been inseparable as they’ve attended various events together across the country.

    How They Met and When They Began Dating

    Justin Combs and Saweetie first met on the set of a music video back in 2019. At that time, both of them were working on their respective rising music careers and sparks quickly flew between the two. It wasn’t long before they started to get serious about their relationship, with Justin and Saweetie officially confirming that they were an item sometime in 2020.

    Since then, Justin and Saweetie have been inseparable. The couple appears to be very much in love, often posting sweet messages and photos to each other on social media. They have also been attending various events together throughout 2020, offering up several red carpet-ready looks along the way.

    It seems like Justin and Saweetie’s romance is going strong even after all this time, demonstrating just how solid their connection is!

    Reasons for the Couple’s Breakup

    Although the couple never announced official reasons for their breakup, there has been speculation that their busy schedules and distance apart were key factors. Justin Combs is a musician who frequently performs in different cities, so it’s likely that he spent prolonged periods of time away from Saweetie. Likewise, Saweetie is a successful rapper with many projects in the works. It’s plausible that both of their careers took precedence over their relationship and forced them to take an indefinite break from each other.

    When it comes to long-distance relationships, trust is also an important component. Since the couple lived separately, they may have grown apart and developed feelings of distrust. Such feelings could lead to arguments, which can ultimately destroy the foundation of any relationship if left unresolved.

    Who Saweetie is Currently Dating

    Saweetie is currently dating rapper Quavo. They first began dating in 2018 and have since gone public with their relationship, appearing in each other’s music videos and on the red carpet together. They also often post pictures of each other on social media, expressing their love for one another.

    Additionally, Saweetie has voiced her admiration for Quavo several times in interviews. In a recent interview, she said “I’m never disappointed with him” and spoke about how much respect he has shown her since they started dating.

    It looks like Saweetie and Quavo are still going strong after about two years together. Let’s hope they can last!

    Summary and Conclusion

    Justin Combs and Saweetie have been dating since 2018 and it looks like they are still together. Although their relationship has been the cause of much speculation, with everyone asking how long it would last, the couple seems happier than ever.

    Justin Combs is a successful businessman while Saweetie is an accomplished rapper in her own right, so both have achieved success separately before coming together as a power couple. They attended multiple events together over the past two years and never shied away from showing their love for each other on social media. Recently, rumors surrounding Saweetie becoming pregnant have circulated but nothing has been confirmed yet.

    All in all, Justin Combs and Saweetie’s relationship has survived against all odds and holds strong to this day. The couple appears to be very happy with one another and many fans hope that their union lasts for a lifetime.