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  1. Online relationship duration depends upon several factors such as compatibility, willingness to commit, emotional attachment, etc. Online relationships are not always meant to last forever. In fact, they may not last at all. But, if both partners are willing to invest time and energy in building a strong relationship, then chances are they could last longer than traditional offline relationships.

    A study conducted by Dr. David Clark revealed that about 80% of couples who met via a dating website reported being happy together 3 months later. And, according to one survey, almost 50% of marriages started online lasted until death.

    While online dating relationships don’t necessarily last forever, they usually last longer than traditional offline ones. Couples who meet online tend to develop deeper feelings for each other because they spend more time getting to know each other. They also build trust faster which makes them less likely to break off contact.

    According to a recent study, the average length of an online relationship is 8.5 months. However, the study also showed that the majority of participants were still in touch with their exes after a year.

    So, if you want to take your relationship to the next level, consider meeting someone online.

    Online Dating Statistics

    According to statistics from, there were over 1 million marriages in 2011. The average length of marriage was 10 years.

    If you’re looking for a relationship, online dating may be right for you. Online dating sites allow you to search through thousands of profiles and find someone who matches your personality and lifestyle.

    However, keep in mind that most online dating websites require users to pay a monthly subscription fee. This means you’ll need to spend some money upfront to use these services.

    Also, remember that online dating isn’t just for finding a partner; it’s also a great place to meet friends. So if you’re not interested in a serious relationship, consider signing up for an online dating site to expand your social circle.

    Why People Stay Together Longer Than They Should

    People stay together longer than they should because they’re afraid to be alone.

    They fear being alone because they feel insecure and inadequate when they’re not surrounded by others. So they cling to each other out of insecurity and neediness.

    But this isn’t healthy. The only person who benefits from clinging to another person is the person who clings to them. And the relationship suffers.

    If you want to break free from unhealthy attachments, you must learn to let go of those who aren’t right for you. This means letting go of people who don’t respect you, treat you well, or value you.

    When you let go of these people, you become more secure and independent. You stop feeling needy and insecure.

    And you begin to attract better people into your life.

    This is the reason why most people end up staying in unhappy relationships longer than they should. But once you learn to let go of toxic people, you’ll find yourself attracting healthier partners.

    Once you’ve learned to let go of toxic friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances, you’ll find yourself attracted to healthier people. Healthy people are more respectful, loving, and supportive.

    Healthy people are more likely to value you and treat you well. Healthy people are more likely to appreciate you and help you grow.

    And healthy people are more likely to keep you safe and happy.

    That’s why healthy people are worth keeping.

    When You’re Ready To Move On

    Online dating relationships are great because they allow you to meet people who share similar interests. But once you find someone special, there comes a point when you need to move on.

    If you’ve been seeing each other regularly, you may be ready to take things further. However, if you haven’t seen each other in awhile, you should give yourself some space before jumping back into another relationship.

    This is especially true if you’re still dealing with feelings of grief over a previous breakup.

    Remember, you deserve happiness just as much as anyone else. So if you feel like you’re ready to date again, go ahead and try out online dating sites.

    Is There A Right Time For An Online Relationship?

    Online dating relationships are different than traditional ones because there’s no physical contact between two people. So when should you consider moving forward with an online relationship?

    There’s no right answer here. The only real rule is that you shouldn’t move forward until you’re ready.

    If you feel comfortable enough to share personal information with another person, then you’re probably ready to take things further. But if you’re not yet ready, then maybe you need some more time to figure out whether this person is right for you.

    Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. However, if you decide to proceed with an online relationship, be prepared to commit yourself fully. Don’t expect a free ride; instead, give 100% of yourself to the relationship.

    And remember, just because you’ve met someone doesn’t mean you have to date them. You may find that you simply want to spend time together as friends.

    That said, if you decide to pursue an online relationship, be careful. Make sure you’re being honest and upfront about who you are and what you want. And if you’re concerned about getting hurt, then be cautious.

    Don’t rush into any type of relationship, especially an online one. Take your time and learn from each experience.


    It’s important to remember that while online dating may seem like a quick fix, it’s also a lot of work. So before you commit to anything, take some time to think about what kind of relationship you really want. And if you decide to move forward with someone, don’t forget to set boundaries early on so you both know where you stand.