How long does Badoo keep your data?


How long does Badoo keep your data? can you help me with this question

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  1. Badoo keeps your data for 2 years. We also offer free upgrades to premium accounts every year.

    We don’t share your personal information with third parties. Our privacy policy explains in detail how we protect your personal information.

    You can delete your account at any time.

    What Information Does Badoo Hold About You?

    Badoo keeps track of everything you do online, including your location, friends, interests, and activities. They use this information to create profiles of users based on their behavior.

    They may share some of this information with advertisers, who pay them to show ads based on user activity. However, most of the information collected is anonymous.

    If you’re concerned about privacy, you should be aware that Badoo collects information about you when you sign up for an account. This includes your name, email address, phone number, gender, age, country, and language preferences.

    When you log in, Badoo stores your IP address, browser type, operating system, and device ID. These details help Badoo identify you across multiple devices.

    While Badoo doesn’t store any personal information about you, it does collect information about your browsing habits. The company uses cookies to recognize you when you visit its site, and it tracks your visits to third party sites.

    This helps Badoo determine where you go on the internet, what pages you view, and whether you’ve been there before.

    To learn more about how Badoo handles your data, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

    Where Is My Data Stored?

    Badoo stores your personal information in its own secure servers located in Switzerland. Your data is stored there until you delete it.

    When you sign up for Badoo, we store your email address, name, gender, birthday, phone number, location, photo, profile picture, and interests. We use this information to send you personalized emails based on your preferences.

    We also store your IP address, browser type, referring URL, date/time stamp, and any search queries you’ve made through our site. This allows us to improve our services and customize content to better suit your needs.

    Your data is not sold to third parties. We may share aggregated demographic information with advertisers, sponsors, partners and affiliates. We may combine this aggregate information with other information you’ve provided to help them understand who their users are, what they’re interested in, and how they prefer to interact with our sites.

    If you’d rather not receive these types of communications, you can opt out at any time. To learn more about how we treat your data, please review our privacy policy.

    Are There Any Security Issues?

    Badoo doesn’t store any personal information on our servers. We use third party services to process payments and send emails. These companies are required to protect your privacy and comply with strict security standards.

    We’re not responsible for these companies’ actions. However, we recommend that you review their policies and procedures carefully.

    If you have questions regarding the security of Badoo, please contact us at [email protected].

    Can I Delete My Profile?

    Badoo keeps your profile information indefinitely unless you delete it yourself. This means you can use Badoo to find friends, share photos, and chat with them. However, there are some things you should be aware of when deleting your account.

    First, if you’ve been inactive for over 6 months, you won’t be able to access your profile anymore. Second, if you’re not logged in within 30 days of deletion, you won’t be notified that your profile was deleted. Third, if you haven’t used Badoo in over 12 months, you won’t receive any notification that your profile was deleted either.

    If you decide to delete your profile, remember to remove all your contact details (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) because these may still appear on your profile after you delete it.

    On a final note

    Badoo doesn’t store anything sensitive like passwords or payment card numbers, so you don’t need to worry about losing those details. However, you should still check out our privacy policy before signing up.