How long does the Green Dot stay on Badoo?


How long does the Green Dot stay on Badoo? will be glad to hear your thoughts

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  1. Green dot stays on Badoo until you delete it. Once deleted, it won’t come back again.

    You can also block anyone you don’t want to talk to anymore.

    If you’re looking for a long term relationship, Badoo might not be the best place for you. But if you just want to chat with someone, Badoo is a great app.

    What Is the Duration of the Green Dot?

    If you’re wondering when the green dot appears on Badoo after you send a friend request, here’s the answer: The duration depends on whether the person accepts your friend request.

    When you send a friend request to a new user, the green dot shows for 24 hours. After that, the green dot disappears unless the person accepts your friend invitation.

    However, if the person rejects your friend request, the green dot stays on Badoo until the next day. So, if you sent a friend request to someone at 10am today, the green dot would appear on their profile until 11pm tonight. Then, if they reject your friend request, the dot would disappear until tomorrow morning.

    This means that you should be careful not to send too many friend requests to people who may already have hundreds of friends. Otherwise, you risk having the green dot show up on their profiles forever.

    Why Does it Stay on My Profile?

    When you sign up for Badoo, you’re asked to select a profile picture. This photo stays on your profile until you change it. The reason this happens is because we need to be able to recognize you when you return to our site. We use your profile picture to match you with friends who’ve already signed up for Badoo.

    We also use your profile picture to create a unique ID for each user. So, if you ever decide to switch phones, we won’t lose track of you.

    If you’d rather not have your profile picture remain on your profile, simply log out of Badoo and delete your account.

    When Will I See the Red Dot Again?

    Badoo is a popular social network site where users can connect with friends and share photos, videos, and messages. The site allows users to create profiles and add friends. Users can chat online, send instant messages, post status updates, upload pictures, view profile information, and search for others based on location, gender, age, interests, occupation, and many other criteria.

    Users can also use Badoo to find nearby restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clubs, stores, and more. They can also browse through user-created groups and events, including parties, concerts, sporting events, and more.

    To join Badoo, users must register and verify their identity. Once verified, users can access Badoo via a web browser, smartphone app, or tablet app.

    Once registered, users can log in to Badoo at any time to update their profile, view recent activity, and interact with other members. To keep track of who viewed their profile, users can set privacy settings to allow only certain contacts to view their profile.

    If a user wants to block another person from viewing his/her profile, he/she can select “Block” from the dropdown menu next to the name of the contact. This prevents the blocked individual from accessing the user’s profile.

    After blocking a person, the user can still receive notifications when the blocked person posts a photo or comment on his/her wall.

    Blocked individuals cannot initiate conversations with the user unless the user chooses to accept the conversation request.

    To end a conversation between two users, either party may delete the conversation from their timeline.

    To report inappropriate content, users can flag comments, photos, or videos. Flagging a comment directs the moderator team to review the flagged item. Moderators remove offensive content within 24 hours after receiving the report.

    If a user reports a video, the video remains available until the user removes the report. Video moderators take action within 24 hours after receiving a report.

    If a photo is reported, the photo remains available until the user deletes the report. Photo moderators take action within 24 days after receiving a report.

    In consolidation

    The duration of the green dot depends on how much information you provide about yourself when creating your profile.

    How long does the Green Dot stay on Badoo?

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