How Long Have Brenda Song And Macaulay Culkin Been Dating


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  1. Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have been dating since June 2017. They first sparked romance rumors at the premiere of Chris Colfer’s “Struck by Lightning” in July 2017, and confirmed their relationship status on Instagram a few months later. The two first went on a romantic vacation in Bangkok together in November 2019, and now live together. They often share sweet posts about each other on their social media channels, expressing their love and support for one another. In December 2020, they announced they were expecting their first child together.


    Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have been in a relationship for about two years. They first met on the set of the movie Changeland, and their relationship has been going strong ever since.

    The couple had an instant rapport when they met—culkin was smitten with Song’s beauty and her charm, while Song was drawn to Culkin’s wit and intelligence. The couple even moved in together shortly after starting to date.

    Since getting together, the couple have been almost inseparable. They love spending time with each other and are often spotted out at dinner or on vacations around the world. Fans are eager to learn more about them as they were both big stars before getting together, so curiosity abounds!

    Background Information on Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin

    Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have been together for over two years now. Before dating each other, both were involved in long-term relationships. Brenda previously dated Trace Cyrus from 2010-2011, while Macaulay had a lengthy 10-year relationship with Mila Kunis from 2002-2011.

    The pair started dating in 2017 and recently moved into a house together in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills neighborhood. They appear to be very happy in their relationship and often post pictures of them on vacations and outdoor adventures together.

    Both Brenda and Macaulay have successful careers as actors; Brenda is best known for her roles on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior” while Macaulay is famous for the “Home Alone” movie series and recent work on “American Horror Story”.

    Timeline of their Relationship

    Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin first sparked dating rumors in 2017 when they were seen getting cozy on the red carpet for a charity event for Carolines on Broadway. Shortly afterwards, their relationship was confirmed with multiple celebrities commenting on their budding romance.

    The couple were extremely private about the details of their relationship up until 2019, when they made their Instagram debut together via an adorable holiday picture, announcing themselves to the world as a pair. The couple spent Christmas together that year, and the following year they enjoyed a romantic getaway trip in Paris.

    Since then, their relationship has continued to grow strong and steady amid all kinds of reports – from them expecting a baby to getting engaged or even married! Rumors about wedding bells have been swirling for over a year now, with whispers going around that the two are planning a secret ceremony sometime soon. We’ll just have to wait and see if these rumors come true!

    Move to L.A and Rumored Engagement

    Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have been dating since 2017, when they moved to Los Angeles together. The couple split their time between Culkin’s home in New York and Song’s house in L.A, maintaining a long-distance relationship for a few years.

    The couple has been spotted out together all over the world, enjoying vacations and attending events with each other. Speculation about an engagement ramped up recently when Song was seen wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring, which she later confirmed by changing her Instagram bio to include ‘fiancée’. Although the two haven’t officially announced their engagement yet, many fans are hoping to hear some news soon!

    How Long They Have Actually Been Dating

    Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin have been dating since early 2017. They kept their romance under wraps for several months, until they were spotted out in public as a couple in October of that year. It wasn’t until February 2018 that they officially confirmed the relationship on social media.

    Since then, the couple has had a relatively low-key relationship, with most of their public appearances being charity events or red carpet premieres. No matter the occasion, however, they can always be seen walking hand in hand, stealing glances, and obviously very much in love! The couple is usually quite tight-lipped about details concerning their relationship—with Brenda once even telling a reporter she wasn’t sure how long they’d been together because “we don’t really keep time for each other”—but fans often speculate that the two have been blissfully in love for years!