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  1. Tom Holland and Zendaya have been romantically linked since July 2017. They first started sparking romance rumors when they were spotted holding hands during a trip to Disneyland with friends. This was quickly followed by reports that the couple had started dating in secret, after meeting on the set of Spiderman: Homecoming in 2016.

    Despite trying to keep their relationship under wraps, the couple has appeared together at numerous red carpet events, including the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards where they posed for pictures with other members of the cast from their movie.

    In February 2020, during an interview with Elle magazine, Zendaya finally confirmed their relationship status saying “We’re very close and we’re really good friends but yeah…we are more than just friends.” Since then they have continued to share photos together on social media and create a great deal of buzz around “Zombie.”

    Introduction: A Look at Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Relationship

    Tom Holland and Zendaya have been one of the hottest couples in town since they first met on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming. Ever since then, they have been inseparable and their fans can’t help but root for them. rumors began to spread in 2017 that Tom and Zendaya were dating when they were spotted out together several times. However, neither of them confirmed the relationship for years.

    Then, in 2020, Tom finally made it “Instagram Official” by sharing a photo with Zendaya on his official page with a romantic caption. Since then, fans have been eager to know more about these two lovebirds and what their relationship is like behind closed doors.

    Although Tom and Zendaya are quite private about their love life, recently both stars have opened up about what has kept their relationship strong over the years. From red carpets appearances to silly Instagram posts — here’s a look at how long these two talented stars have been dating plus everything you need to know about this adorable couple!

    How Did They Meet?

    Tom Holland and Zendaya first met when they were cast in the Marvel superhero movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. They connected and became good friends over the filming of the movie and their shared enthusiasm for playing Marvel characters.

    Holland has also revealed that he initially thought he wasn’t cool enough to be around Zendaya! Lucky for him, his doubts were unfounded, as they clearly enjoyed each other’s company on set.

    Rumors began to fly about the pair being more than just friends after they were spotted spending time together away from set and at award shows. Neither party commented or confirmed a relationship until Holland made a public statement via Instagram in June 2020 and soon after did an interview with Elle magazine confirming their relationship status.

    Timeline of Their Relationship

    Tom Holland and Zendaya have been coupled up since July 2017, when they were cast in the movie Spiderman: Homecoming. In May 2018, they managed to keep their relationship a secret until Tom attended Zendaya’s 21st birthday. Although neither confirmed their relationship until later on , the public was already aware that something was going on between them.

    Things continued to heat up when Tom made his first public appearance as Zendaya’s date in June 2019 at the Far From Home premiere. Then there was a cute photo op when they spent quality time together eating ice cream.

    They became Instagram official in December 2020, sharing photos from the same picture-perfect beach vacation.

    While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Tom gushed about Zendaya over the phone saying “I’m gonna whisper it ’cause I know that you can hear me…I love you.” That pretty much sums it up! They’ve been happily dating ever since and we don’t expect things to change anytime soon!

    Signs They Were Dating

    Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship has been a closely guarded secret, but there are some telling signs that they may have been dating for much longer than expected.

    For starters, the two have always had an undeniable chemistry whenever they shared the screen together. There were also some subtle clues on their social media accounts that hinted of something more between them, like throwback photos of the two with flirty captions that could only be interpreted as hints to their relationship status.

    The paparazzi also made it no secret that they were often seen out and about on dates together. Whenever caught by the paparazzi, camera flashes seemed to just bring out their best smiles! The duo even took a spontaneous trip to Venice together which was one of their many romantic pairing trips abroad – proving that Tom and Zendaya have definitely moved their relationship up a notch or two!

    What They’ve Said About Each Other Publicly

    Tom Holland and Zendaya have been together since July 2017, though the two haven’t exactly gone public with their relationship until recently. They were first spotted out together in October 2017, but kept quiet about their status up until 2019.

    However, even prior to confirming their relationship, both Tom and Zendaya had expressed admiration for each other during a number of interviews. Tom has said that he “fell in love” with her work ethic on set and credited Zendaya for making his work on the Spiderman franchise easier. Zendaya also expressed admiration for Tom’s professionalism on set and described him as an “amazing person” who is “incredibly warm.” Even though they could not officially comment on their relationship at the time, the mutual respect between these costars was hard to ignore!