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  1. Zendaya and Tom Holland have been rumored to be dating since 2017, when they began filming Spider-Man: Homecoming together. The pair appear to have confirmed their relationship in October 2020, when they were pictured having dinner together in New York City. However, they haven’t officially commented on the status of their relationship.

    Zendaya and Tom

    Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland have been dating since 2017. They met on the set of the Spiderman movie in 2017 and have been together ever since. Zendaya is an American actor, singer, and dancer while Tom is a British actor best known for his iconic role as Peter Parker / Spiderman.

    The young couple has been spotted out together on several occasions looking happy and holding hands. Although they’ve never made their relationship public, it’s assumed that the two are very much in love given how close they appear to be with each other. They share many interests including music, movies and fitness which makes them a great match!

    Relationship Timeline

    Zendaya and Tom Holland have been linked together since at least July 2017, when they were spotted at the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, they did not officially confirm their relationship until February 2019, when they attended the Oscars together as a couple.

    Since then, Zendaya and Tom have stepped out for several red carpets events together. They appeared together in Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed issue in October 2019, confirmed their relationship on Instagram shortly after that in November 2019. In 2020, the couple confirmed their status as an official couple when they spent Halloween and Thanksgiving together.

    Zendaya and Tom are still going strong three years later; the two were most recently seen together enjoying a romantic vacation in St Tropez in December 2020.

    Current State of the Relationship

    Zendaya and Tom Holland have been dating for a few years now and their relationship appears to be going strong. Fans first noticed the two of them together in July of 2018, when they were seen flirting at a Spider-Man (Tom’s movie) press conference. Since then, the couple has been spotted out on various dates and vacations, making it pretty clear that they are serious about one another.

    The two appear to be very much in love and very comfortable around each other, with reports saying that they have an amazing connection – both in terms of friendship and romance. They have also expressed their love for one another through several social media posts, showing just how committed they are to one another. Although Zendaya and Tom remain tight lipped when it comes to their relationship status, it is clear that they are very much still together.

    Impact of Social Media on Their Relationship

    Social media has played a huge role in the relationship between Zendaya and Tom. Ever since they first began dating, Zendaya and Tom have used platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to document their time together. Fans have had a front-row seat to the couple’s epic dates, behind-the-scenes moments at award shows, and just simply enjoying each others’ company.

    The impact of social media on their relationship has been positive overall. It’s given us an intimate look into the daily lives of two people so very much in love. We get to see how kind and supportive they truly are for one another—and we can’t help but swoon! The photos and videos that are posted also make for great storytelling—it’s almost like getting wrapped up in a romantic movie of its own (complete with gorgeous backdrops)! Plus, it’s fun for fans who feel connected with the couple because they get to experience vicariously what it would be like to be with them!

    Positive Outcomes From Their Dating Experience

    Zendaya and Tom Holland have been dating since 2017 and that relationship has had numerous positive outcomes. First, their shared love for acting has helped to advance both of their individual careers. Zendaya is now a leading actress with several blockbuster films under her belt while Tom’s fame continues to grow internationally.

    Second, their obvious affection for each other on and off the big screen has won them many fans with young people in particular showing admiration for their couple chemistry. Third, their relationship followers see hope in seeing two successful celebrities able to make it work despite the criticism from others and often absurd dating expectations set by society.

    Finally, the couple has used their fame to spread positivity on social media encouraging others to feel comfortable in expressing themselves without fear of scrutiny or judgement. Their romance serves as an example of true love existing between two individuals in the public eye.