How long should it take for a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?


How long should it take for a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend? share your thoughts

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  1. It depends on the situation. Some guys are just looking for hookups while others want something serious. But one thing is certain, you shouldn’t wait too long because you might miss your opportunity.

    If he asks you to be his girlfriend right away, it could be a sign that he wants to settle down quickly. He may not be ready to commit yet. On the contrary, if he takes time to ask you to be exclusive, it shows that he wants to develop a relationship with you.

    So, if you want to avoid being taken advantage of, don’t rush into anything. Wait until he makes the first move.

    You can also tell him that you’re interested in getting to know him better. Let him know that you’re willing to date him exclusively.

    He’s already attracted to you and now he knows that you’re available. So, let him pursue you. Don’t be afraid to turn him down if he tries to pressure you.

    But remember, you can always change your mind later. So, don’t hesitate to accept his proposal.

    The First Approach

    When approaching women, men tend to fall into two categories: those who approach confidently and those who freeze up. The latter group usually ends up looking foolish when they’re rejected.

    If you’re the confident type, here’s some tips to help you avoid rejection:

    1) Be friendly. Women respond well to friendliness.

    2) Don’t overdo it. Women aren’t attracted to guys who come on too strong.

    3) Make eye contact. This shows interest and respect.

    4) Ask questions. Women appreciate being asked about themselves.
    How long should it take for a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

    5) Show enthusiasm. Women find enthusiasm attractive.

    6) Smile. Smiling makes you appear happy and relaxed.

    7) Use humor. Humor relaxes people and helps them feel comfortable.

    8) Keep talking. Women enjoy hearing stories about yourself.

    9) Be honest. Honesty builds trust.

    10) Listen carefully. Listening shows interest and attentiveness.

    The Second Approach

    If he doesn’t ask you out after the first approach, he’s not interested. There’s no point in pursuing him further because there’s nothing left to talk about.

    He may just need some time to process everything you’ve said and decide whether or not he wants to pursue this relationship. So give him space to think things over. Don’t call him again until at least 24 hours later.

    Don’t worry; he won’t forget about you. He’ll eventually realize that he likes you, and he’ll come back to you when he’s ready.

    The Third Approach

    If you’re looking for a relationship, you need to use the third approach. The first approach is asking someone out directly. This is great when you already know the person well. However, most guys aren’t going to say yes to this unless you’ve been friends for years.

    The second approach is flirting. Flirting works better than direct approaches because it gives men permission to pursue women. But it doesn’t work very often, especially if you’re not attractive enough to catch a man’s interest.

    The third approach is indirect dating. Indirect dating is where you pretend to be interested in another guy, but actually go after him instead. This is usually done through online dating websites or social media sites.

    Indirect dating is effective because it allows you to play hard to get. Men who are attracted to you will feel compelled to chase you down. And since you’re pretending to be interested in them, they won’t realize that you’re pursuing them.

    When you’re ready to date, you’ll find that indirect dating is the easiest way to meet men. There are many different ways to do it, but here are some tips to help you succeed.

    First, pick a site that caters to your type of guy. Online dating sites cater to specific types of people, so you may have better luck finding a match there.

    Second, create a profile that attracts men. Make sure you include photos, information about yourself, and interests. Don’t lie about your age or appearance; just be honest.

    Third, respond to messages. Once you receive a message, reply within 24 hours. Don’t wait too long, though, or you risk losing the opportunity.

    Fourth, keep responding until he asks you out. If he does, you’re officially dating.

    Fifth, tell him you’re available. Tell him when you’re free and let him decide whether he wants to spend time with you.

    Sixth, show him you care. Send flowers, send a card, or give him a call. Let him know you appreciate him and that you’d like to continue seeing each other.

    Seventh, be open to meeting him outside of the Internet. He may suggest a coffee shop or restaurant, or you can plan a day trip together.

    In brief

    Don’t let yourself fall into this trap! You’ll only end up with a bad relationship.

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