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  1. Scissoring is a popular sex move among lesbians and it’s all about being close, enjoying the sensation of skin against skin, and achieving mutual pleasure. Here’s how to scissor as a lesbian couple:

    1. Get comfortable with your partner. Before even starting to explore scissoring, make sure that both you and your partner feel relaxed and ready for physical contact. Talk openly with each other about your boundaries and desires.

    2. Find the most comfortable position for both of you on the bed (or wherever you want to do it). Experiment with different positions until you find what works best for both of you; keep in mind that some may be more comfortable for one person than the other so make sure to communicate about how things feel at every step of the way.

    3. Start gentle, slow movements – don’t rush into anything big until both partners are ready to move faster or harder. Keep your hips slightly raised off of the bed (or wherever you’re doing it) so that there’s no restricted access between your bodies—this will create an easier flow when pushing together during scissoring.

    4. Gradually increase the pressure as both partners become aroused and start offering resistance- encouraging a friction-like sensation in between both hips or pubic regions is crucial in order to maximize stimulation and enjoyment during scissoring. Adjustments can easily be made according to how hard or soft each partner prefers things!

    5. Combine different forms of stimulation such as oral sex, clitoral/penis stimulation or other manual/erotic activities in combination with scissoring to increase arousal levels further still & achieve peak sexual pleasure from this experience!


    Scissoring is a popular form of lesbian lovemaking that involves two women intertwining their legs and rubbing their vulvas together. It can be done with minimal pressure or at varying levels of intensity. It’s often seen as the signature form of physical interaction for lesbians and one of the great joys of being homosexual.

    Although scissoring may seem like an advanced technique, it’s really quite simple to do and can be enjoyable for both partners if done correctly. Start by lying in a spooning position with your bodies pressed closely against each other, without clothes or anything else between them. Lift your partner’s leg over yours until you’re both in a figure-four position. Once this is achieved, gently rub your clitoris and vulva against hers – using lubricant can make this process smoother! Experiment with different motions – rocking, grinding, circling – all while maintaining eye contact and enjoying the feelings generated by the physical connection.

    And there you have it – you’ve just taken part in scissoring as a lesbian couple! Keep exploring different positions and techniques to find what works best for both you and your partner’s pleasure.

    Physical mechanics of scissoring

    Scissoring is the practice of pressing your bodies together to create stimulating friction. It sounds like a simple concept but many people find scissoring intimidating because they don’t understand the physical mechanics involved. Scissoring is more than just rubbing one person’s genitalia against the other’s.

    The physical mechanics of scissoring involve intertwining your legs and locking them while shifting back and forth, rocking in circular patterns, or changing speed quickly. You can move up and down, side to side, or switch positions entirely. You’ll be able to feel each other in new ways as your legs slide across different parts of your body. To get creative with it, you can even wrap one leg around the other for additional stimulation for both partners!

    Make sure to take breaks as needed and remember that communication is key! If something isn’t working quite right or if you need a break from scissoring, let your partner know. With some practice and creativity, scissoring can become an enjoyable part of your sexual repertoire!

    Benefits of scissoring

    Scissoring is a popular form of sexual activity enjoyed by many lesbian couples. It is a sex position that involves two partners lying on their side with their legs intertwined and rubbing their vulvas together. Scissoring can be an incredibly intimate experience, both physically and emotionally.

    The benefits of scissoring are numerous. For starters, because it doesn’t involve penetration, it allows for more direct contact between each partner’s genitals. This makes for incredibly pleasurable sensations as the sensitive nerve endings are stimulated directly by each other’s bodies.

    Scissoring also offers pleasure to both partners simultaneously and helps create an intense level of connection between them. Not only are you physically in tune with one another, but scissoring can also be a great way to explore trust within the relationship and experiment with different levels of vulnerability while still feeling safe and connected to your partner.

    Tips for successful scissoring

    Scissoring is a popular activity among lesbians. To achieve successful scissoring, you’ll want to make sure both you and your partner are comfortable and confident. You should also go slow and use plenty of lube to reduce friction and make the experience more pleasurable.

    Start by finding a comfortable position where both of you can be comfortable. In most cases, scissoring involves one partner laying on top of the other one while your hips press together as you move your legs in a “scissor”-like fashion. Once settled in, use lubricant for extra pleasure and enjoy being close with your partner as you explore each other’s bodies simultaneously!

    Additionally, communication is key to a successful scissoring experience – make sure that both partners are expressing their desires aloud so that everyone can get satisfied comfortably. It may even be helpful to agree on a stopping point before starting so that things don’t get too intense too quickly. And finally, don’t forget the importance of foreplay! Scissoring is an enjoyable activity but it’s much more fun when it’s preceded by plenty of touching, exploring, and kissing so take the time beforehand to heighten the sexual tension for maximum pleasure!