Is A Single Man a classic?


Is A Single Man a classic? do you know anything about it

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  1. A single man is a classic because he is looking for a relationship. He wants to settle down and start a family. But he also knows that his chances of getting married are slim. Therefore, he needs to look for a wife online.

    He looks at different sites such as Match, OkCupid, etc. When he sees a profile which he thinks is attractive, he sends her a message. She replies back. They chat about common interests. In time, they become friends. After a while, she asks him out on a date. On the date, they talk about their future plans. Finally, they decide to take things further.

    After a few months, they both agree to marry each other. And now, they live happily ever after.

    This story is based on real events. There are many single men who are looking for a wife online. They search for them on various websites. They spend their free time browsing through profiles. Sometimes, they fall in love with one particular profile. They ask her out on a date. They eventually get engaged.

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    Is A Single Man a classic?

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