Is it OK for an older man to date a younger woman?


Is it OK for an older man to date a younger woman? share your thoughts

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  1. It is perfectly acceptable for an older man to start dating a young woman. There are lots of benefits to doing so. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider dating a younger woman.

    1) She Will Be More Open To Sex Than An Older Woman

    If you want to have a great time while dating a younger woman, she needs to be ready for sex at least once a week. A lot of older women aren’t interested in getting naked with a younger man because they don’t want to give away their age. But if you’re dating a younger woman, you won’t have to worry about her being embarrassed by your advances.

    2) She Hasn’t Been Through Any Of Life’s Struggles Yet

    She hasn’t had to deal with the struggles of growing up yet. She still lives at home with her parents and has never experienced the pressures of college tuition, student loans, or paying rent. She also hasn’t gone through the emotional turmoil of dealing with heartbreak or divorce. These experiences will help her mature much faster than an older woman.

    3) She Will Give You Something That Older Women Don’t Have

    Older women often have trouble keeping up with younger men. They may not understand slang or hip hop music. And they might not know how to flirt properly. On top of that, they’re likely to have bad taste in clothes and hairstyles. All of these things can put off a younger man. But if you’re dating a younger woman you won’t face any of these problems.

    4) She Won’t Expect Anything From You

    An older woman wants a man to take care of her financially, emotionally, and sexually. She expects him to provide for her and treat her with respect. When she finds herself in a relationship with a younger man, she usually feels guilty about taking advantage of his kindness. But if you’re dating a younger woman she won’t expect anything from you. In fact, she’ll appreciate your generosity.

    5) She Will Bring Out Your Best Self

    When you—re dating a younger woman it’s easier to let loose and act silly. She’d rather laugh at your jokes than criticize them. Plus, shell encourage you to express yourself freely without worrying about offending her.

    Why You Shouldn’t Date Someone Younger Than Yourself

    When dating someone who’s younger than yourself, there are some things you should consider.

    First off, you’re going to be competing against many other men for her affection. She may not feel comfortable being seen with you because she feels like you’re taking advantage of her youth.

    Second, you’re going to have to work harder at making her fall in love with you. This means putting in extra effort to show her that you care about her and that you’re worthy of her love.

    Third, you’re going to need patience. Your relationship won’t progress as quickly as it would with someone closer to your own age. And this isn’t necessarily bad.

    Fourth, you’re going to face challenges when dealing with children. Even though you may be able to handle them well, she may not be able to.

    Fifth, you’re going to experience a lot of awkward moments. You’ll have to deal with questions about your age, whether you’ve had sex yet, and whether you’re ready to settle down.

    Sixth, you’re going be a target for gossip. People will talk behind your back, especially if you live together. They’ll say things like, “She’s too young for him.” Or, “He’s getting married soon!”

    Seventh, you’re going to struggle with self-esteem issues. You’re going to worry that you’re no longer attractive or desirable.

    Eighth, you’re going to feel pressure to change your lifestyle. You’re going to have to give up certain habits, including drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

    Ninth, you’re going to lose out on social activities. You’re going to miss out on parties, sports events, concerts, and other events where you’d normally hang out with friends.

    Tenth, you’re going to miss out of having kids. You’re going to find it hard to imagine raising a family.

    Finally, you’re going to suffer from loneliness. You’re going to spend most of your free time alone.

    When You Can Date Someone Younger Than Yourself And Why

    If you’re over 40 years old and dating someone who’s younger than yourself, there’s no problem at all.

    But if you’re younger than 40 and dating someone who’s older than yourself, there may be some issues. The main issue is that you’re not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with being in a relationship.

    There’s nothing wrong with dating someone younger than yourself, but you should be aware of the fact that you’re going to need to grow up fast if you decide to take this step.

    Compatibility Matters

    There’s no question that compatibility matters when dating. But there’s another important factor to consider: age.

    Age differences between partners can be a deal breaker for some couples. However, many older men find younger women attractive because they’re confident, independent, and self-assured. They’re not afraid to take risks and try new things. And they often bring out a side of an older man that he hasn’t seen since his youth.

    On the flipside, young women may prefer older men because they’ve had more life experience and are wiser than most. They’re comfortable taking care of themselves and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Plus, they tend to be more financially secure, making them better providers.

    While age differences can be a turnoff for some couples, others thrive off of them. So, if you’re interested in dating a younger woman, keep these tips in mind:

    Considering all of these

    While age isn’t everything when it comes to dating someone, it’s important to consider compatibility before jumping into a serious relationship with someone who’s much younger than yourself.