Is match com a Christian site?


Is match com a Christian site? share your thoughts

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  1. Match Com is not affiliated with any religious group nor does it promote any specific religion. Match Com is a free online dating service that provides a great opportunity to connect with millions of single Christians worldwide.

    Christian Singles Online Dating Services

    We offer the best Christian dating services online. Our goal is to help Christian singles find true love. We provide a 100% FREE Service with no hidden charges. We also offer a full membership plan which gives you access to thousands of Christian singles.

    You can browse our Christian member base and view contact information. You may search through our Christian members and narrow down your results based on location, age, interests, and/or relationship type.

    If you’re looking for a long term commitment, Match Com offers a premium membership plan. With this membership you’ll enjoy unlimited messaging, advanced search tools, and much more.

    Match Com is one of the top rated dating sites among Christian singles. Join now and start meeting like minded Christians near you.

    Match Com is Not A Christian Site

    Match Com is not a Christian site. Match Com is owned by eHarmony Inc., a publicly traded company based in California. The company was founded in 1995 and is now worth over $1 billion dollars.

    eHarmony is a dating site that matches singles based on compatibility. They offer free membership to anyone who wants to try out their services. However, paid memberships range from $19.95 per month to $59.95 per month depending on the number of features you want.

    If you’re looking for a Christian dating site, there are plenty of options available. Here are just a

    There are many more sites than these, so take some time to explore them all.

    Why Does The Word “Christianity” Appear On Their Website?

    Match Com is a dating site owned by eHarmony, Inc., a company founded by two Christians who wanted to create a better online dating experience. They created Match Com because they believed that there was room for improvement in the online dating industry.

    They were right. Online dating sites are plagued with problems, including fake profiles, spam emails, and poor search results. So, when they launched Match Com, they made it free to use, anonymous, and focused only on helping singles find long term relationships.

    Today, Match Com is still owned by eHarmonix, Inc., a company that continues to be run by Christians. However, the name of the company changed to Match Com after the founders sold the company to a private equity firm called Silver Lake Partners in 2006.

    Since then, Match Com has grown significantly, now boasting over 20 million users worldwide. And, although the company remains privately held, its growth has been fueled by advertising revenue instead of donations.

    Because Match Com is not affiliated with any church or religious organization, the word Christianity does not appear anywhere on the site. Instead, the word Christianity appears on the home page, where visitors can learn more about the company and sign up for free.

    This approach makes sense because Match Com wants to attract as many visitors as possible, regardless of whether those visitors are Christian or non-Christian. Therefore, the company doesn’t need to cater specifically to Christians.

    Instead, Match Com focuses on providing a great user experience for everyone. This includes creating a clean, modern design that appeals to men and women alike.

    And, since Match Com is free to use, anyone can join at anytime. There are no membership fees, monthly charges, or hidden costs.

    Are They Really A Nonprofit Organization?

    Match Com is not a nonprofit organization. Match Com is owned by a company called eHarmony Inc., which is based in California. The company was founded in 2000 and is privately held.

    eHarmony Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ (symbol EHN). According to its most recent annual report filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, eHarmony Inc.’s revenue grew from $1.2 billion in 2004 to $3.9 billion in 2007.

    According to the same SEC filing, eHarmony had total assets of $4.6 billion at the end of 2007.

    Based on these numbers, it would appear that eHarmony Inc. does generate significant revenues and profits. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that eHarmony is a non-profit organization.

    Nonprofits must be registered as tax exempt organizations with the IRS. This means that any profit generated by a nonprofit organization goes directly back into the organization itself. There are no taxes paid on the income earned by nonprofits.

    However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some nonprofits may pay taxes on certain types of income, including interest, dividends, capital gains, etc. These types of income are considered taxable income.

    If a nonprofit pays taxes on its income, then the amount of taxes paid is subtracted from the net earnings of the organization. This results in a loss for the organization.

    This loss is reported on the organization’s Form 990, which is filed annually with the IRS.

    While eHarmony Incorporated is not a nonprofit organization, it is still required to file a Form 990 with the IRS every year.

    Therefore, we can conclude that eHarmony isn’t a non-profit organization because it files a Form 990 with IRS each year.

    However, eHarmony is not required to disclose any information regarding its financial status on its website. Therefore, we cannot determine whether or not eHarmony is truly a nonprofit organization.

    We recommend contacting eHarmony Incorporation directly to find out more information about their corporate structure.

    Do They Have Any Religious Affiliation?

    Match Com is owned by eHarmony, Inc., a company founded by two Christians who wanted to create a dating site where singles could find true love. Match Com was launched in 2000 and now boasts over 30 million members worldwide.

    eHarmony, Inc. is not affiliated with any religious organization. However, the founders were inspired by the Bible verse Matthew 7:7 (King James Version): “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.

    They believed this scripture applied to finding love and decided to apply it to online dating. The result was eHarmony, which stands for “Every Harmonious Individual”.

    Today, Match Com is one of the most popular sites for meeting single men and women. Their slogan is “Finding Love Online Since 2000”.

    Final note

    Match com is not a Christian website. However, they may claim to be one because they say their mission statement says so. But, they don’t really mean what they say. So, how can you tell if they’re telling the truth?