Is my relationship healthy or toxic?


Is my relationship healthy or toxic? help me find the answer

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  1. When it comes to relationships, one thing is certain – whether it’s a long term commitment or just a casual hookup, every couple goes through ups and downs. But if you want to keep your relationship strong and happy, you should always look at the signs of toxicity in your relationship.

    If you’re not getting along with your significant other, it might be time to take a step back. Here are four reasons why this could be happening.

    1) Your Relationship Isn’t Working Because Of A Lack Of Communication

    Communication is key to building a successful relationship. When couples don’t communicate effectively, problems start popping up sooner rather than later.

    It’s important to talk about anything and everything that bothers you. It helps you understand each other better and build trust. If you aren’t communicating properly, you may be missing out on valuable information that could help you solve issues faster.

    2) You Don’t Have Any Mutual Interests

    You both share interests and hobbies, but you don’t really enjoy spending time together. You also don’t seem to care much about your partner’s feelings.

    This kind of behavior shows that you don’t respect your significant other enough to spend quality time with him/her. It’s hard to maintain a healthy relationship when you’re constantly arguing or fighting.

    3) You’re Not Listening To Each Other

    A lot of times, couples fight because they’re not listening to each other. They’re too busy talking about themselves instead of focusing on what matters the most – their partner.

    Listening to your partner is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. It lets them know that you care about them and value their opinions.

    Be honest with yourself about what’s going wrong

    If you’re not happy with your current relationship, you need to be honest with yourself about what you’re feeling. Don’t try to hide behind excuses or blame others.

    Instead, take responsibility for your feelings and actions. Ask yourself questions like these:

    • Do I feel safe when I’m with this person?

    • Am I comfortable being myself?

    • Is there any reason I should stay in this relationship?

    • What am I afraid of losing if I leave?

    • Can I trust this person?

    • Does he/she respect me?

    • Are we compatible?

    • Would leaving hurt him/her?

    • Will I regret staying?

    • Do I deserve better than this?

    • Do I have options?

    • Could I find another partner who would treat me better?

    Once you’ve answered those questions honestly, you’ll be able to decide whether your relationship is worth saving.

    Don’t let fear keep you stuck in a bad situation. Instead, use honesty to help you move forward.

    Give yourself permission to change

    When we’re young, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. We expect perfection and feel guilty when things aren’t perfect. But as we grow older, we learn to accept our flaws and imperfections.

    We also learn to give ourselves permission to change. We stop being afraid of making mistakes because we realize that no matter what happens, we still have the power to control our own destiny.

    This is especially true in relationships. We need to give ourselves permission to break up with someone who isn’t right for us. We need to allow ourselves to move on and find someone better.

    If you’re having trouble letting go of a toxic relationship, try this exercise:

    1) Write down everything you hate about your partner.

    2) Then write down every reason you should stay together.

    3) Finally, write down every reason you shouldn’t stay together.

    4) Now compare those lists. Which list feels longer? Which list seems more compelling?

    5) The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with either list. Both are valid reasons to stay together or to leave.

    6) So why does one list seem stronger than the other?

    7) Is it possible that you’ve been holding onto the negative feelings toward your partner because you haven’t given yourself permission to let them go?

    8) Once you’ve given yourself permission to change, you’ll be able to let go of the negative feelings and move forward with your life.

    9) And remember, you deserve to be happy.

    Don’t let someone else dictate who you should be

    If you’re not happy with yourself, no one else will be either. So stop letting others control your life and take back control of your future.

    Start living the life you deserve today. Don’t wait until tomorrow because you don’t feel worthy enough to live the life you’ve dreamed of.

    Stop being afraid to stand out and be different. Stop waiting for permission to change your life. Take action now!


    Being kind to yourself will lead to better relationships with everyone around you.