Is there still Chatroulette?


Is there still Chatroulette? will be glad to hear your thoughts

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  1. Chatroulette is one of the earliest online video chat sites. It was launched in 2007, and it was originally meant to be a place for people to share videos of themselves doing silly stuff. But the site quickly became infamous for being full of creepy dudes trying to pick up girls.

    As time went on, Chatroulette evolved into something else entirely. Nowadays, it’s a place for people to connect with strangers and watch them perform random acts of internet magic. And while Chatroulette isn’t exactly a dating site, it’s become a haven for people looking for casual hookups.

    Gay Chatroulette is Still Around

    While Chatroulette hasn’t changed much since its inception, gay Chatroulette is still alive and kicking. In fact, it’s actually easier to find gay Chatroulette now than ever before. There are tons of gay Chatroulettes to choose from, and you don’t have to search far to find one.

    You can also join Chatroulette groups based on location, interests, and age range. These groups usually consist of hundreds of people, which makes it easier to find someone nearby who shares your interests.

    Once you find a group you want to join, you simply click on the link provided and start watching videos. As long as you stay logged in, you won’t lose access to the group.

    There’s really no reason not to give Chatroulette a shot. Even though it may seem like a weird way to meet people, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    The History of Chatroulette

    Chatroulette was created in 2008 by two Russian students who wanted to create a site where random strangers would meet online. The idea was simple: users would type in a search term (like “dog”) and be randomly paired with another user who had typed the same search term.

    Users were matched based on proximity, age, gender, interests, and location. Users could chat with each other through webcam video feeds.

    But after just six months, Chatroulette went offline due to legal issues.

    Nowadays, the Internet is full of similar sites, including Omegle, Yik Yak, and But Chatroulette remains popular among teens and young adults because it offers anonymity and no barriers to entry.

    And although Chatroulette is gone forever, it lives on in our hearts.

    Why You Should Try Chatroulette Again

    Chatroulette was a popular site back in 2009 when it launched. But now it’s gone. What happened?

    Well, it turns out that Chatroulette had some problems. The most common complaint was that users were being spammed. People would sign up for Chatroulette just to be bombarded with spam messages.

    This led to a lot of complaints and lawsuits against Chatroulette. So, after several months of legal wrangling, Chatroulette shut down its servers.

    But now it’s back! And this time, it’s better than ever.

    Here’s why you should try Chatroulette again:

    How to Find Chaturllete Users

    Chatroulette was once the hottest site on the Internet. But now it’s dead.

    But not everyone knows this. And some people still use Chatroulette. So how do you find them?

    There are two ways to find users on Chatroulette:

    1) Use Google search. Type in “chatroulette” plus any city name (e.g., “chatroulette san francisco”). This will return results for every user who visited San Francisco during the last week.

    2) Search for specific words. Type in “chaturllete” plus any city name. This will return only those users who searched for chaturllete.

    Once you’ve found a user, you can chat with him/her directly. Or you can simply watch his/her video stream.

    If you’re looking to meet new friends, try out these tips:

    • Be friendly. Don’t be pushy.

    • Ask questions. People love talking about themselves.

    • Show interest. Smile at the camera.

    • Give compliments. People love being complimented.

    • Offer help. People love receiving free stuff.


    Chatroulette has been around since 2009, and it was one of the first video chat apps to gain popularity. Today, it remains one of the most popular ways to meet new friends online.

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