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  1. 1. Take a hike in Griffith Park – Admire the beautiful views of Los Angeles while exploring one of the largest urban parks in the United States.

    2. Enjoy a romantic picnic at Pershing Square – Treat your special someone to a romantic picnic dinner under the stars at historic Pershing Square.

    3. Explore Santa Monica Pier – Enjoy a wonderful day exploring all that Santa Monica Pier has to offer; from arcade games and rides to shops, midway performers, and eateries – there’s something for everyone (and their date!) here!

    4. Visit The Broad Museum – Spend a day of culture at The Broad Museum which offers free admission and provides some of the most progressive art collections in all of LA.

    5. Beach hop along Pacific Coast Highway – Take your date on an unforgettable journey around one of the most beautiful roads in California, filled with spectacular sights from ocean views to wild animals.

    6. Stroll along Venice Beach Boardwalk – Enjoy an afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of LA by strolling along Venice Beach Boardwalk together and soak up the unique vibe this area offers!

    7. Have a night out at Angel City Brewery – Peruse through one of best microbreweries around with some delicious food trucks, live music, games, and fun anytime you decide to go! .

    8. Lace up and attend Disneyland Ice Skating Rink – Show off some skating moves as you keep warm while enjoying all that Mickey Mouse has to offer this holiday season with an outdoor ice rink right in Downtown Disneyland itself!

    9. Catch A Drive-In Movie – Get fancy in your car as you take your date on an unforgettable movie night experience under the stars with a drive-in theatre near you!

    10 Stay Warm With Hot Cocoa At The Grove – Experience winter wonderland vibes with hot cocoa dates under twinkling lights at The Grove while they celebrate their 20th anniversary this year!

    Introduction – what is a la date?

    La date is the French term for romantic dates, or an outing devoted to courtship. La date can be geared towards a couple that has been together for some time, or simply enjoying a special day out. La dates should involve thoughtful planning and gestures of appreciation that make the person on the other side feel extra special and appreciated.

    The goal of la date is to show your significant other that you put thought and effort into planning something unique, meaningful, enjoyable and memorable. Whether you’re going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant or watching the sunset in your favorite park – it’s important to think about how your partner would appreciate spending an evening together.

    Classic & Affordable Ideas

    There are tons of classic and affordable date ideas that always work in LA! Here are some of our favorites:

    First, check out the city’s art museums. LA is full of amazing art installations and galleries, so why not take your date to explore a new exhibit? Even if you don’t usually have much interest in art, you never know what you’ll discover together.

    Secondly, bring some snacks and fold up some chairs so you can have an outdoor movie night! Check a website like Amazon Prime to stream one of your favorite movies or TV shows on an outdoor projector screen – it feels like a luxurious movie theater experience but is really inexpensive.

    Thirdly, grab brunch at one of the many delicious restaurants in LA. Enjoy some mimosas with your breakfast burritos or pancakes – this is sure to be a day for the books!

    Finally, plan a romantic walk on the beach. Take in all the beautiful ocean views while discussing life goals and aspirations as you make your way down the shoreline.

    Creative & Unusual Ideas

    Are you looking for some creative and unusual date ideas in LA? No need to worry, because this city is full of exciting activities for couples. Here are a few creative and fun things to do in Los Angeles:

    1. Take a tour of the Hollywood Sign – Every couple should explore this iconic landmark together. Enjoy the beautiful views while taking pictures and make sure to check out the view from Observatory Park.

    2. Paint & Sip – Unleash your inner Picasso by creating a masterpiece with your partner at one of your local all-inclusive painting classes! They provide all the supplies including canvas, paint, and wine, so you can concentrate on making your masterpieces without any distractions.

    3. Stargazing – This is one of the most romantic concepts in LA – take a night out of your day to simply observe nature’s beauty from high up above. Find one of many public parks or observatories that will have free telescope services or rent your own personal set for the evening- nothing beats looking into the stars with someone special!

    4. Attend an Outdoor Festival or Concert – Several free festivals are available year round throughout LA that feature joyous music, food trucks, art galleries, day parties, and R&B performances for all to enjoy!

    Outdoor Activities

    Los Angeles is a great place to explore the outdoors and take advantage of many unique experiences. If you’re looking for fun things to do with your date, why not take them on a fun outdoor adventure?

    There are plenty of nature trails to explore for an easy couple’s stroll, or trek some of the nearby mountains for a serious hiking challenge. You can also hit up a nearby beach or hop in kayaks and explore the coastline. There are numerous state parks and public areas with amazing views of the city and a variety of other recreational activities from rock-climbing to fishing.

    For nighttime fun, check out an outdoor screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery or one of LA’s local botanical gardens for concerts among lush foliage. No matter what outdoor activity you choose, you’ll both create incredible memories together.