Questions To Ask When Dating


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  1. Here are some questions to ask when dating that will help you get to know your potential partner better:

    1. What do you enjoy doing with your free time?

    2. What is the most important value in a relationship for you?

    3. What would be your ideal first date?

    4. Are there any goals in life that you want to accomplish together as a couple?

    5. Do you like to take risks, and why or why not?

    6. What does commitment mean to you?

    7. What is one hobby that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet had the chance?

    8. How do believe communication can be improved in a relationship?

    9. Are there any qualities in a partner that are non-negotiable for you?

    10. What values or beliefs do we have common, if any at all?

    What Are Your Values?

    One of the most important questions to ask when dating is: “What are your values?” Knowing each person’s personal values can help you decipher if you two are a good match. Values can also help you understand where they stand on topics, what they prioritize in life, and how they make decisions.

    It’s important to be honest and open-minded when discussing values. Ask them what values are most important to them right now, and why? Is it family, relationships or career? Are these values likely to change over time?

    By talking about core values you will quickly understand what the other person prioritizes in life and if it resonates with yours. This dialogue should form the backbone of your relationship no matter how long it lasts.

    Do You Have Similar Goals and Aspirations?

    Ah, this classic dating question. While it can seem awkward to ask it early on in a relationship, it’s really an important topic to cover while dating. Talking about goals and aspirations with your date is a great way to get to know each other better and set the stage for future conversations around long-term plans.

    Questions like “What are your long-term career goals?” or “Are you looking to buy property in the near future?” may help you determine if your date is someone who will be able to stick around once you both commit further into the relationship. Additionally, these questions can help you identify whether both of you have compatible life beliefs and outlooks on what living a fulfilled life looks like in terms of work, home life, travel desires, etc. Knowing that your partner’s goals align with yours can save time (and heartbreak!) in the long run.

    How Do You Feel About Long-Distance Relationships?

    It’s important to consider how you and your potential partner feel about long-distance relationships before starting one. You should ask yourselves questions such as “Do you feel comfortable with being apart from each other for extended periods of time?” or “How often do you expect us to stay in touch?” It’s also important to determine what methods will be used for communication (phone, text, video chats, etc.)

    If both partners are open to the idea of a long-distance relationship, setting boundaries for contact is a great way to keep things healthy. Setting up reasonable expectations and timelines for visits can help avoid misunderstandings and loneliness that too many long-distance couples fall into. Additionally, it can be a useful way to discuss core values around trust and commitment so that both partners know what they can rely on in times of separation.

    How Would You Describe an Ideal Relationship to You?

    When dating, it is important to ask the other person what their definition of an ideal relationship is. This question can offer a lot of insight into how they view relationships as a whole, which can help you know if they are compatible with your expectations.

    By asking this question, you may discover that the other person has strong feelings about what commitment and loyalty should look like in any relationship. It may be that they insist on honesty and transparency in a relationship; or perhaps they believe all decisions should be made together as a couple. All these parameters are important to uncover if you two are going to have a successful future together.

    The answer to this question will also reveal how the other person views communication in relationships—which could make all the difference between success and failure. Finding out how often your partner wishes to connect and what kind of topics come up during conversations will tell you if your values around communication match up.

    What Are Some of Your Deal Breakers When Dating Someone?

    When dating someone, it’s important to know what their deal breakers are. Everyone has certain things they absolutely cannot tolerate in an ideal partner, and knowing them beforehand can help save you a lot of heartache in the long run. So make sure that you ask your date what those deal breakers are before you get too serious.

    Some of the most common deal breakers people may have include things like dishonesty, immaturity, belligerence and infidelity. If your date is someone who doesn’t want to be with anyone who lies, gets jealous easily or can’t be trusted, then these are all potential red flags that should alert you to move on. Additionally, issues surrounding money, religion or political views will likely also come up as deal breakers for some people.

    No matter what sort of relationship you’re looking for – serious or casual – it pays to be aware of what someone’s deal breakers are ahead of time so that neither person wastes time and energy pursuing something that won’t work out in the end.